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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The TVWeek: Saturday 27th July - Friday 2nd August 2013

7.00pm When Bjork met Attenborough Channel 4 - The Icelandic pop star and world-famous naturalist meet for the first time and discuss their love of both music and wildlife.
8.00pm The Mill Channel 4 - The start of a powerful four-part drama set in the Quary Bank Mill in Cheshire during the height of the industrial revolution. The drama will tell the stories of both the apprentices who are basically treated as slaves and the overseers whose job it is to keep the apprentices in check. The drama has an all-star cast including Line of Duty's Craig Parkinson, Good Cop's Kerrie Hayes and The Paradise's Matthew McNulty
9.00pm Caligula with Mary Beard BBC2- Historian Mary Beard embarks on journey to learn more about the life and times of the man best known as Caligula. Caligula has become known as Rome's biggest tyrant, and the stories told about him are some of the most extraordinary told about any Roman emperor. But now Mary wants to go behind the stories and discover if anything we know about Caligula is actually true.
9.00pm Failed by The NHS BBC3 - This new BBC3 investigation show learns why young people who come to A&E after self-harming are sent home without given a psychiatric assessment. The programme discovers the truth behind the cuts to psychiatric beds and meets young people with mental health problems who feel they've been mistreated by the NHS.
9.00pm New Tricks BBC1- The incredibly popular police drama returns for its tenth series which will feature both the departure of both Amanda Redman and Alun Armstrong. This first episode revolves around Armstrong's Brian Lane who is suspended after assaulting an officer he suspects of covering up a death which in turn led to Lane's early retirement.
9.00pm Kumph Mela - The Greatest Show on Earth BBC2- The programme follows British pilgrims as they embark on a spiritual journey to the Great Kumph Mela , a celebration of the Hindu religion which takes place every 12 years.
9.00pm Extreme OCD Camp BBC3 - The start of a two-part series which takes young people suffering with obsessive compulsive disorder over to the USA for exposure therapy. Here they will be asked to do things that test their disorder to breaking point and, for some, the tasks leave them with terrible self-loathing.
8.00pm Celebrity Masterchef BBC1 - The cooking contest featuring famous faces returns to primetime with an opening line-up that features Janet Street-Porter, comedian Katy Brand, businesswoman Jo Wood and Sugababes signer Heidi Range.
8.00pm You Saw Them Here First ITV - A take on 'Before they were Famous' this show delves into the archives to show audiences when they may first have caught a glimpse of some of the most recognisable faces on TV.
9.00pm Neighbourhood Force ITV - This programme focuses on the council employees whose job it is to sort out disputes between sets of neighbours.
10.00pm The Last Leg Channel 4 - Adam Hills, Alex Broooker and Josh Widdicombe return for another weird and wonderful look at the week's events.
10.50pm Alex Brooker: My Perfect Body Channel 4- The Last Leg co-host presents this documentary which explores how men truly feel about their bodies. Brooker also attempts to beat his own battle with weight as he attempts to lose two stone and get a six-pack.
8.00pm The Dealership Channel 4 - A new three-part fly-on-the-wall series filmed at the family-run Essex Car Company in Rainham. This documentary attempts to go behind the patter and how, with finances tight, customers are giving salesman the run around like never before. The programme introduces us to some of the company's most colourful and competitive salesman who are all desperate to get that all-important sale and prove their worth to the boss.
9.00pm How to Get a Council House Channel 4 - New three-part series documenting the struggles that families face to get council accommodation as there are now too many people looking for large properties with affordable rent. Each episode will follow the stories of contributors and reveals who is successful and who loses in the bidding battle for these select few homes. The programme will also view the issue through the eyes of those on the front line namely the council officers who are tasked with the difficult decisions of matching homes to the 1.8 million people on the UK's social housing list.
9.00pm Shoplife BBC3 - The first episode in a six part docusoap following the workers and customers of one of the North East's biggest shopping malls - The Metro Centre.
10.00pm Crash for Cash Channel 4 - Originally set to be aired earlier in the year, this documentary looks at the biggest ever car insurance scam which involved more than 60 people in rural County Durham.
9.00pm Horizon - What's Killing Our Bees? BBC2 - The film follows scientists as they embark on two remarkable experiments that scientists are carrying out in order to discover why the world's bee population is dwindling.
10.00pm That Music Show Channel 4 - This new panel show, hosted by Nick Grimshaw, sees teams of musicians and comedians battle it out to see who knows more about a certain year of music. This episode will also feature performances from Primal Scream and Aluna George.

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