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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

TheCustard chats to Jack Whitehall of Bad Education

The second series of Bad Education hits IPlayer today a full week before it returns to BBCThree. Here is my on-set interview with star and co-writer Jack Whitehall.

What was it like coming back for series 2?
There was a bit of pressure but it's been great. I found the writing more enjoyable because we knew who was playing each character. Each of the actors has made their character they're own so it's nice to write for them.

The first series did so well didn't it.
Yes. it's great because you get a lot of feedback of what the audience like. When we do Fresh Meat the fans tend to be students and TV people but with Bad Education is nice that younger people seem to like it.

Is there any fallout from the drunken kiss we saw at the end of the last series?
There is. I think we're going out. For Alfie a drunken kiss is a green light for a relationship.

What happens between Alfie and  Gulliver this series?
We've got more of the "will they won't they". Sarah's character has a little friend who is a woman.

If you had give Alfie an end of term report, what would say are his strengths and weaknesses?
I think he's very enthusiastic but very immature. I think we've probably upped the man-child aspect of him. In the first series I think we gave Alfie a lot of my geeky elements and in this year we've added a lot of Freddie's geeky side. Alfie's probably got all of the geeky things that we share so he's pretty tragic!

And what can you tell us about any new additions to the cast?
Harry Enfield plays my dad. Harry gave me one of my first jobs, he saw in a school play and asked me to be in one of his sketches. He was Tony Blair and I played a tea boy.

And is there much in the way of improvisation in the scenes?
Yes. That's what's great about having people like Michelle (Gomez,) Sarah, and Matthew (Horne) who write and act themselves. It would be madness not to give them free rein to do what they want.

What was it like filming the swimming gala in the first episode?
Well obviously the priority is to make a great show, but as a secondary goal this is kind of like my audition for Splash! So if they do come calling for the second series I will be there like a shot!

Bad Education returns Tuesday 3rd September at 10.00pm on BBCTHREE

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