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Sunday, 29 December 2013

ITV Announces Cast for The Big Reunion Series 2

After being one of the surprise hits of the year in 2013, The Big Reunion returns next year with more exclusive and explosive revelations from former pop heroes.

Headlining this year's series are 1990s girl group Eternal, who talk about happens when big dreams go wrong. Boyband A1 discuss how they were once riding high until a tragic accident at a publicity event caused their eventual split.

R&B group Damage talk frankly about how crippling debts and management fallouts eventually caused them to split up. Meanwhile brothers 3T reveal what it was like trying to follow in the footsteps of the Jackson family heritage.

The series also explores how ruthless the music industry can be through the eyes of girl group Girl Thing. They were promised that they'd be as successful as The Spice Girls but are now seen as one of pop's biggest flops with Simon Cowell describing them as the biggest mistake he'd ever made.

Finally, the series will look at a new supergroup called 5th Harmony containing members who all have their stories to tell about the music industry. Comprising of Dane Bowers, Adam Rickett, Gareth Gates, Kavana and Blazin' Squad's Kenzie; the band quickly have to learn how to get along together with some experiencing what it's like to be in a group for the first time.

The Big Reunion begins on ITV2 in early 2014.

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