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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Mrs Brown's Boys Tops Christmas Ratings

As most of us slumped into a post turkey haze in front of the television most of us made the decision to stick with BBC One all night as it won the battle of the channels overall.

Oddly it was old-fashioned sitcom Mrs Brown's Boys that got the average overall rating as a massive 9.4 million viewers tuned in to see Brendan O'Carroll's drag routine. Though it's not a favourite of the website by any means it does prove how popular the show is, that or a lot of people had fallen in sleep in front of the telly by that point and the sitcom was just playing to itself.

Coming second was the Doctor Who special which saw 8.29 million people witnessing the last episode featuring Matt Smith as The Doctor. The sci-fi show also achieved the highest peak audience with 10.2 million people tuning in to see Smith's Doctor's regeneration into the latest incarnation played by Peter Capaldi.

ITV won the battle of the soaps as Coronation Street was watched by 8.27 million people, presumably the rest of the nation who weren't Doctor Who fans. This must be a blow for Eastenders which only garnered 7.78 million viewers despite the heavily promoted debut of Danny Dyer as new Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter.

Rounding off the top five most viewed programmes was the Christmas special of Strictly Come Dancing which saw comedian Rufus Hound beat Matt Goss and Elaine Page to the title of Strictly Christmas Champion 2013.

Elsewhere, Call the Midwife won the battle of the period dramas as it pulled in 7.08 million viewers who witnessed the residents of Poplar deal with an unexploded bomb. The two-hour special of Downton Abbey achieved an average rating off 7.01 million viewers who were probably a bit surprised to see a Christmas Special that ended with a day at the beach.

Finally The Queen's Speech was watched by an average of 7.68 million viewers, which is half a million down on last year. It does seem that TV viewers have had enough of the royals, which probably has something to do with the extensive coverage of the royal birth earlier in the year.

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