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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Ripper Street Axed: Twitter reacts.

Fans have taken to twitter tovoice their opinions on today's news that the BBC have decided not to give the series another go.

Tweets we have received included


As often happens in matters like this a Twitter account has already been set up which is attempting to get fans to sign a petition to send to BBC in a hope of turning the decision around.

Ripper Street will conclude Monday 16th December on BBC ONE.


Anonymous said...

Last Night the errors were bad even for this programme viz: The term Kikes (American) for Jews was only first used in G.B. in 1904. British police do not have "badges". Actors unable to correctly pronounce simple words. The constant use of "myself" instead of "me". And the plot was so silly that an infants school should get the honour of writing the final chapter. It cannot do worse.

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