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Saturday, 7 December 2013

TheCustard talks 'Sherlock' with Steven Moffat & Mark Gatiss

New Year's Day sees the hugely anticipated return of Sherlock. When we last saw Sherlock he was apparently died in Watson's arms. This being Sherlock all wasn't as it seemed and he reappeared soon afterwards. I spoke to writers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss to see what I could gleam about the upcoming third series.

Do you think fans will be satisfied by the resolution of the fall?
Steven Moffat: We haven't cheated. It's the resolution we planned from the start.
Mark Gatiss: People have been talking about it for a long time, but it's important to remember it's a new series and not three episodes concerned with how Sherlock did it.

Did any of the cast manage to guess how it was done?
Steven Moffat: No. Everyone has a different theory but no one has guessed it yet.

Did you expect the massive reaction that the final episode had?
Steven Moffat: Not at all. It was very gratifying and we knew we wanted to it. We wanted him to die as he should in Watson's arms and then inexplicably turn up alive and have people try and work it out, but as the hysteria around the second series went on we were worried how people would take it.
Mark Gatiss: We'd seen that final episode a hundred times but when we watched it go out live my heart was absolutely pounding and we were trying to imagine people's reactions.

Did you have any sleepless nights when writing this series?
Mark Gatiss: No. You have to make it for ourselves. If you worry too much you could change it to accommodate some of the theories and that'd be madness.
Steven Moffat: When it's something people love and are enthusiastic about you can't wait to get started again.

Are you concerned that people may not warm to Sherlock this time around given that he left John in the way he did?
Mark Gatiss: Not at all. He's always been a bit of a bastard. I think if we were worried about Sherlock being cruel we would've given up a long time ago. You love him because he's who he is and whenever you see that little chink of daylight in his humanity you feel it all the more.
Steven Moffat: Sherlock's never going to be comforting or lovely. There's another thing that he has to learn about this series so there's a huge development coming up.

Sherlock starts New Year's Day at 9.00pm on BBC ONE #SherlockLives

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