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Friday, 17 January 2014

US Shows to watch out for in 2014.

2013 proved to be an extremely hot year for television: AMC’s Breaking Bad concluded, leading some critics to hail it as the greatest TV show of all time. Netflix released its slate of original programming, releasing full seasons of their shows at once, so viewers had the option of binge-watching them in a few sittings. Thanks to the proliferation of fibre optic broadband deals, digital streaming has clearly become more popular and will continue to do so.

This year, there will be some triumphant returns: HBO’s Boardwalk Empire is back for its fifth season, as will FX’s Justified and Netflix’s House of Cards. But don’t let these behemoths overshadow the exciting new shows about to hit your screen this year. There’s quite a lot to look forward to.

Helix – SyFy (Soon to be shown on Channel 5)

For a TV channel that mostly pumps out modern B-movies that go straight to DVD as soon as they’re done airing on TV, there seems to be quite a lot of hype around their new TV show, Helix. The core ‘threat’ of the show has been kept on the down low, but trailers and teasers seem to indicate that the show is a hard sci-fi thriller that involves bio-ethics and scientific experimentation. Everyone has their fingers crossed: SyFy really could use a hit this year.

True Detective – HBO (Due to be shown on February 22nd on Sky Atlantic)

Following Matthew McConaughey’s blunders during the 2000s, he’s managed to resuscitate his career in a truly remarkable way, giving electrifying performances in great films like Killer Joe, Magic Mike and Mud, to name just a few. It’s now been made clear that his lucky streak is going to stretch to the land of television too. He’s set to star alongside Woody Harrelson in HBO’s True Detective, where both will star as Louisiana detectives called in to work on an unsolved murder case from 20 years ago.

Better Call Saul – AMC

For those who couldn’t handle Breaking Bad coming to an explosive end, there’s still a little more to enjoy, although it won’t have that much to do with everyone’s favourite meth cook. Rather, it’ll involve said meth cook’s lawyer, Saul, one of Breaking Bad’s most loved characters, played by Bob Odenkirk. The show will explore Saul’s shady past as a lawyer, before he had the bad luck of bumping into Walter White.

The Strain – FX

Based on a trilogy of novels by Chuck Hogan and Guillermo del Toro, The Strain is about a parasitic vampire plague that overwhelms New York. It was conceived as a TV series to begin with, but after failing to find a buyer, del Toro elected to turn it into a book series and try again later. Expectations are high, given his involvement: the teaser trailer gives nothing away and the armies of del Toro fans are eagerly anticipating a big reveal.

Given how many shows from 2013 have been renewed and the sheer number of new shows about to premiere on cable this year, as well as online streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, we're still unclear as to how we’re going to find time to watch all this great TV in 2014!

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