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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Ricky Gervais' Derek Series 2: First Look

Channel 4 have confirmed that Ricky Gervais' Derek will return on the 23rd April for a new six-part series.

Just like series one, the second run will be written and directed by Gervais who will also star as the kind-natured Derek Noakes. Other returning cast members include Kerry Godliman (Hannah), Karl Pilkington (Dougie) and David Earl (Kev).

Not only are the old gang back, but there’s some new elderly tenants who’ve since joined the home. Derek's dad moves in, but far from being the sweet old man, he's got whisky in his back pocket and too much lead in his front one. Wayward youth Vicky is now working there full-time and providing the residents with ‘free’ slippers - no questions asked. Kevin is still drunk. Dougie is still grumpy. Hannah is still the salt of the earth. And Derek is still spreading kindness wherever he goes.

Ricky Gervais said "I was blown away by the affection from around the world for the first series, particularly the emotional connection it seemed to make with people. I hope they like the second offering as much."

Phil Clarke, Head Of Channel 4 Comedy, added "Derek is irreverently funny, but it’s world is one of compassion, friendship, and joy in the everyday, and we’re so pleased to welcome it back onto Channel 4."

Derek Returns Wednesday 23rd April on Channel 4 

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