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Friday, 14 March 2014

The Smoke: We're half way through

I don’t know how much more of this I can take. You see that lump over there? That’s my heart, right where Jamie Bamber just ripped it out and threw it. I still love you too, and I ain’t leaving.

Not like poor Trish, who confessed all about her daughter in a rush but it wasn’t enough to fix her broken relationship. At least Mal is doing some growing up, with the bonus that he managed not to have sex for the whole episode.

Regular readers will know I have been longing for a Ziggy episode (not least because actress Pippa Bennett-Warner has been faithfully retweeting my promo’s for the show, thank you!) and it didn’t disappoint. If I’d sat down and thought about it, I probably could have guessed her big secret would be a child, but I didn’t guess settled in suburbia with a husband and twins. It was a nice touch to reveal her painful foot tattoos as being the names of her children, showing she did care after all. It’s also testament to Lucy Kirkwood’s writing that she subverted the usual gender split in the relationship. I particularly liked Jamie’s (husband, not actor) snarled ‘It took me f***ing hours to sew those ruffs’. He could always sign up for the Great British Sewing Bee...

Elsewhere Asbo’s story has taken a dark turn. Of course we all knew that Mrs Severs hadn’t tripped over a bollard, but seeing Asbo get pally with Gog again before he saw the damage to his mum turned my stomach. Hands up all those who thought Missy had met a bloody end? I was relieved that Kev hadn’t resorted to violence, only to be dismayed when Asbo took that very route. I am 99% certain that this story is going to end with one of the three dead as the violence and retribution escalates.

Do I have any complaints this week? Well, I felt like a terrible person after laughing at Mal’s diagnosis of ‘Who ate all the piesitis?’ And I notice that Tai Chi/Yoga man was absent again. This is the second week, sort it out. We need our light relief.

 As always, tweet @QueeniePrior if you’d like to feature in the reviews. On which note, I should probably make clear to @csheward that it doesn’t matter how nicely you ask, I’m not going to tell you what happens next! And another thank you to the lovely @JamieBamberNews for your appreciation of my reviews.

With that love-in over, let’s give you all some questions to think about:

  • Is the relationship between Kev, Mal and Trish really broken beyond repair?

  • Can Gog get his comeuppance without destroying (or possibly ending) Asbo’s life?

  • What on earth was Billy using that dummy for?

Till next week, check your smoke alarms and stock up on tissues. I think we’ll be shedding more tears before The Smoke is over.

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