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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Jeremy Paxman to quit Newsnight

Jeremy Paxman has decided to quit Newsnight after 25 years of being a presenter on the show.

Jeremy originally made the decision last summer but decided to stay with the show due to a changeover with the current editorial team. Despite quitting Newsnight, Jeremy will continue to act as the host of University Challenge.

BBC Director general Tony Hall said of the news, "this is a particularly poignant moment for me, because I have known Jeremy and relished working with him, since the day I joined the BBC in 1973. And I am therefore better placed than most to know what a remarkable job he has done at Newsnight.

"His is a rare and dazzling talent. He has a unique ability to create moments of real discomfort for politicans and memorable delight for audiences. For that cussed brilliance and much more besides, the BBC and our audiences will always be in his debt.”

The current editor of Newsnight Ian Katz added, "it’s been a huge privilege to work with Jeremy for the last eight months. I’m deeply grateful to him for delaying his departure to help renew the programme, and for the extraordinary support and generosity he has shown. We – and the viewers – will miss him greatly, but he leaves the show in good health and a formidable new team in place."

Jeremy Paxman will host his last Newsnight in June

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