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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The TVweek: Sunday 6th - Friday 11th April 2014

7.30pm Off Their Rockers ITV - Return of the comedy series featuring fearless senior citizens playing pranks on the public with the aid of hidden cameras.
9.00pm The Crimson Field BBC1 - Drama series presenting one of the untold stories of World War I. Kitty Trevelyan tries to put past troubles behind her as she joins two other girls to volunteer at one of the busy war hospitals in northern France. For the hospital workers it is a daily battle to patch the men up and keep the war machine churning. Staff numbers are low and the volunteers are desperately needed, yet there are some who see these women as more of a threat than a lifeline. It is not just the girls who are causing a stir; one particular patient, a powerfully built and battle-scarred soldier called Molloy is facing certain death but resisting it with all the strength he can muster. The girls settle into their first day and it's soon clear that no training could ever have prepared them for the reality of working near the front line. As the day draws to an end secrets are hinted at, rivalries loom large and for the rebellious Kitty this new adventure could turn out to be very dangerous indeed.
6.30pm Escape to the Continent BBC2 - Nicki Chapman crosses the channel to property shop with buyers from Sheffield who are hoping to start a new life abroad in the Poitou-Charentes region of France. Nicki offers up some helpful tips on moving to France and visits the home of one of the world's best known brandies.
9.00pm Treasure Hunters BBC1 - Ellie Harrison and Dallas Campbell journey around the globe on the ultimate treasure hunt. The earth is a treasure chest just waiting to be opened. Ellie ventures down one of the deepest gold mines in the world in search of the gleaming metal that was once thought to be the skin of the gods and the sweat of the sun.
9.00pm Coffee Shop Hot Shots: Business Boomers BBC2
9.00pm Undeniable ITV - Brand new two-part thriller about a woman called Jane Fielding who believes she recognises her mother's killer 23 years after the murder took place. Nearly a quarter of a century later, Jane is married to Rob and has a daughter of her own, but the traumatic events of that day still haunt her. She was the sole witness and is constantly aware that the murderer is still at large. While on a routine visit to hospital, she locks eyes with the man believes killed her mother. Claire Goose and Peter Firth star.
9.00pm Shops and Robbers: Britain's War on Shoplifters Five - Documentary exploring the ongoing battle between the shoplifters on Britain's high streets and the store detectives charged with trying to catch them. Amazing CCTV footage of shoplifters in action reveals the increasingly sophisticated tricks and ingenious scams used by criminals, including specially adapted outfits and props and how to cheat the checkouts, distract shop staff and disable security tabs.
9.00pm Banged Up and Left to Fail BBC3 - Documentary which explores the impact being locked up has had on young adult offenders. Natalie seems like any other university student on her Policing, Investigation and Criminology degree, but she has more experience than most. From the age of 13, she was repeatedly in and out of the criminal justice system. It took Natalie nine years to stop offending and she believes it was support from outside - rather than inside the prison system - that helped her change. Natalie's story isn't unique. Nearly 60 per cent of all offenders on a short sentence will commit further crimes within a year of release from prison. She meets Sephton, who spent most of his adolescence in prison and now struggles with basic tasks such as food shopping and cooking a meal. She also meets those in charge, such as Minister for Prisons and Rehabilitation, Jeremy Wright, to find out what the government are doing to tackle our high re-offending rates.
9.00pm Game of Thrones Sky Atlantic - Season four of the epic fantasy series. Tyrion welcomes a new guest; Arya is reunited with an old friend.
9.00pm The Battle for Britain's Breakfast BBC2 - A tale of skullduggery, dirty tricks and strong coffee in the cut-throat world that marked the dawn of breakfast television.
9.00pm The Call Centre BBC3 - Second series of the fly on the wall series focused on a Welsh Call Centre. Nev flouts the rules by giving new recruit Stuart a grilling, but will the company's 'gingerist policy' count against him? Nev's son, commercial director Phil, has an idea to lift spirits and put him on the map.
10.00pm Sweat the Small Stuff BBC3 - BBC Radio One Breakfast Show star Nick Grimshaw hosts a panel show all about life's little annoyances.
8.00pm Under Offer: Estate Agents on the Job BBC2 - Series following the highs and lows of estate agents. With the current property market more complex and starkly polarised than ever before, the fortunes of estate agents across the UK are put in the spotlight. Estate agent to the super-rich, Gary Hersham, operates in some of the world's most expensive postcodes.
9.00pm Ian Hislop's Olden Days BBC2 - Three-part documentary in which Ian Hislop explores perhaps the most distinctive, peculiar and deep-seated trait of the British, our obsession with the past. He reveals how and why, throughout our history, we have continually plundered 'the olden days' to make sense of and shape the present.
10.00pm The £60,000 Puppy: Cloning Man's Best Friend Channel 4 - Documentary that follows a unique competition in which one lucky British dog owner will win the chance to clone their pet.
10.35pm Marine: A Criminal or Or Casualty of War? BBC1 - Documentary looking into the case of Alexander Blackman, a Royal Marine sergeant who was convicted and jailed for life for shooting an injured Afghan insurgent on the front line. 
8.00pm Digby Jones: The New Troubleshooter BBC2 - Series in which Sir Digby Jones helps businesses realise their potential. In this first episode, Digby rolls up his sleeves and sets about helping secure the future of a medium-sized business, Hereford Furniture. This family-owned company with over 40 employees makes and sells home furniture but it has recently recorded a loss and this has to be tackled if its future is to be secured. It is ambitious and keen to succeed but, like all businesses, it has problems that need addressing
9.00pm Don't Cap My Benefits BBC1 - As the government's benefits changes begin to bite, Panorama gains exclusive access over six months to Brent - one of London's worst-hit boroughs - and follows the personal stories of some of the people most affected by the changes. As claimants struggle with the loss of hundreds of pounds of benefits and have to move to other parts of the UK where rents are cheaper, we follow people battling to stay in their homes and a local authority forced to ask to them to leave as their benefits are capped.
9.00pm The Unseen Fred West Confessions Five - Locked in police station vaults across the UK are hundreds of hours of audio recordings containing interviews with some of Britain's most notorious killers. This film uses cutting edge technology to see and hear the interrogation of killer Fred West
9.00pm Porn: What's the Harm? BBC3 - Jameela Jamal finds out if it's true that children are being exposed to more pornography than ever before - and what the effects of that might be. With smartphones and tablets making it easier than ever to get hold of the most explicit images, there are fears that each generation is seeing porn earlier than the one before, so Jameela meets teenagers across the country to hear from them what impact it has had on their attitudes and behaviour.
9.00pm Tom Daley Goes Global ITV2 - New series in which Olympic bronze medallist Tom Daley and his best friend Sophie set off on the journey of a lifetime - a backpacking tour across the globe taking in Asia, Africa and Australasia.
10.00pm Running Riot: Britain's Teenage Crims Five - Documentary following the stories of adolescents who have committed sometimes life-shattering crimes, and exploring whether or not they are destined for a life of criminality.
8.00pm Weekend Escapes with Warwick Davies ITV - Six-part series featuring Warwick Davis and his family as they travel around the UK in their trusty camper van on the trail of the best of Great Britain and great British eccentrics. Warwick wants to show his family that they do not have to hop on a plane to experience the holiday of a lifetime.
9.00pm The Cube: Celebrity Edition ITV - It is the turn of celebrities to step up and try and beat the Cube and win a quarter of a million pounds for charity. Coronation Street's Kym Marsh takes a break from pulling pints - but will the Cube break her? And shiny-toothed reality star Joey Essex gives it his best shot.

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