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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

TheCustard chats to Prey writer Chris Lunt

Monday sees the start of a fantastic new three-part drama on ITV. Prey, stars John Simm (Exile, The Village) as policemen Marcus Farrow. Farrow is forced to go on the run to clear his name.

Narrowly escaping police custody Farrow becomes an outlaw and begins a high-stakes game of cat and mouse across the city with Acting Detective Chief Inspector Susan Reinhardt (Rosie Cavaliero).

As a wanted killer, Farrow has few allies, however one thing is certain, for the sake of his family, Farrow is prepared to do things he never thought possible. And he won’t rest until he knows the truth.

Joining the cast alongside John Simm are Rosie Cavaliero, Craig Parkinson and Adrian Edmondson.

The fast paced three parter is the first commission for television for writer Chris Lunt. In this special podcast I chat to Chris about the origins of Prey, writing of television and the casting of John Simm.

Prey is truly exciting, edge of the seat stuff and I urge you all to watch it Monday.

Prey Starts Monday 28th April at 9.00pm on ITV.
#PREY - Join the Hunt

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