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Monday, 19 May 2014

BAFTA: The good, the unworthy and the baffling.

Last night saw the 2014 BAFTA TV awards. I don't want to brag but I had a great seat. From my carefully place vantage point I could see all the star in their impressive outfits and, as a really bonus, from where I was sat I had the power to fast forward through all the awards that didn't interest me. That's right, I watched the glamorous London based awards from the comfort of my sofa, in layabout clothes with a steady supply of drink and biscuits.

I don't normally watch Award ceremonies. By their very nature they're over long and self indulgent, but I do feel the BAFTA TV Awards are for me. I find it exciting to look back over a year of great TV and see all my favourite stars accept their gongs (I hate that word but didn't want to say awards again really). So, let's have a look at the most surprising and deserving winners.

Leading Actor
Jamie Dornan - The Fall
Sean Harris- Southcliffe -WINNER! 
Luke Newberry - In the Flesh
Dominic West - Burton And Taylor

Personally I would've loved to see newcomer Luke Newberry win for In The Flesh. The shows deserves all the attention it can get, what with BBC3's impending departure from our telly boxes. Southcliffe was a dark and brooding piece that never really sucked me in, but in a quite frankly week category that cruelly snubbed the likes of David Tennant and Idris Elba Sean deserved the win.

Leading Actress
Helena Bonham Carter - Burton and Taylor
Olivia Colman - Broadchurch -WINNER!
Kerrie Hayes - The Mill
Maxine Peake - The Village

Agree? Of course! Whilst Kerrie Hayes and Maxine both delivered powerful performances in their equally bleak period dramas, Colman was truly phenomenal in ITV's Broadchurch. When I think of Broadchurch in years to come I'll still think of Olivia's performance first.

Supporting Actor
David Bradley - Broadchurch -WINNER!
Jerome Flynn - Ripper Street
Nico Mirallegro - The Village
Rory Kinnear – Southcliffe

This was a surprise, but a pleasant one. David Bradley has been a fixture of strong drama for as long as I can remember and it was lovely to see him recognised. It's about time we honoured special actors like this.

Supporting Actress
Shirley Henderson - Southcliffe
Sarah Lancashire - Last Tango in Halifax -WINNER!
Claire Rushbrook - My Mad Fat Diary
Nicola Walker - Last Tango in Halifax

In much the same way as I felt about David Bradley I'd've loved to haven seen Nicola Walker gushing up there for this one but Sarah's performance was brilliant too. I'll be annoyed if she's not up there next year lapping up all the attention for her stunning performance in Happy Valley.

Entertainment Performance
Ant & Dec - Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway -WINNER!
Charlie Brooker - 10 O'Clock Live
Sarah Millican - The Sarah Millican Television Programme
Graham Norton - The Graham Norton Show

I'm a real sucker for Ant & Dec I love to see them win because they always come across so genuinely pleased and humble. Saturday Night Takeway is an example of proper family entertainment and we don't have enough of that at the moment.

Female Performance In A Comedy Programme
Frances De La Tour - Vicious
Kerry Howard - Him & Her: The Wedding
Doon Mackichan - Plebs
Katherine Parkinson - The IT Crowd -WINNER!

I don't believe Parkinson should've even been nominated in that single episode. I was certain Kerry Howard would win for her wonderfully scathing performance as venomous Laura in Him & Her. Howard inhabits that character and was truly deserving of her moment. Parkinson's  performance as Jen in The IT Crowd is never really noteworthy.

Male Performance In A Comedy Programme
Richard Ayoade - The IT Crowd -WINNER!
Mathew Baynton - The Wrong Mans
James Corden - The Wrong Mans
Chris O'Dowd - The IT Crowd

Again, I think this was BAFTA's way of bidding a fond farewell to the IT Crowd but Matthew Banyton should've won this for The Wrong Mans.

Single Drama
An Adventure in Space & Time
Black Mirror: Be Right Back
Complicit -WINNER!
The Wipers Times

This really caught me by surprise. Complicit was over long and forgettable, I was certain An Adventure in Space & Time would wipe the floor with the quite frankly dull completion here. Tony Ground's moving single drama Our Girl over annoyingly overlooked in this category and they chose the wrong Black Mirror episode in my opinion.

The Fall
The Great Train Robbery
In The Flesh -WINNER!

Unlike the previous winner I was pleasantly surprised by this one. Southcliffe and The Fall had a lot more attention than In the Flesh last year but again, it's nice to see shows like this get some recognition.

Drama Series
Broadchurch -WINNER!
My Mad Fat Diary
Top Of The Lake
The Village

If you visited the site last year you'll be well aware of my affection for Broadchurch. I'm already feeling slightly giddy about what series 2 can deliver.

Breaking Bad -WINNER!
House of Cards
The Returned

I understand this has become a worldwide obsession but it's one that's passed my by. Personally I think BAFTA has been swallowed up by the hype when really The Returned should've been recognised. I know that viewpoint will make me unpopular but if it's the TV awards then I think you have to reward the makers of TV and not online platforms like Netflix.

Comedy And Comedy Entertainment Programme
The Graham Norton Show
A League of their Own -WINNER!
The Revolution Will Be Televised
Would I Lie To You?

Another real surprise. I don't really understand why this won if I'm honest. I think Graham Norton or Would I Lie To You were far more deserving. This one truly baffles me.

Situation Comedy
Count Arthur Strong
Him & Her: The Wedding -WINNER!
The IT Crowd
Toast of London

Finally! It's a shame it has taken till its final run to get the recognition this hidden gem is worthy of. As much as I love Him & Her I hope the win doesn't prompt them to do any more as I was so satisfied by the ending last year.

Factual Series
Bedlam -WINNER!
Educating Yorkshire
Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS in a Day
The Route Masters: Running London's Roads

If I were a betting man there's a chance I could be a lot poorer this afternoon. Whilst Bedlam offered a fascinating insight into the treatment of mental health I would've bet everything I own on the Educating Yorkshire clan making another moving speech as they collected their award. It baffles me how this missed out. When I think back on 2013 I will think of Broadchurch and Educating Yorkshire. I think BAFTA got this one completely wrong.

Reality & Constructed Factual
The Big Reunion
Dragons' Den
Gogglebox -WINNER!
The Undateables

Very pleased with this one! If Gogglebox stays true to its ethos it has show the families watching the ceremony and reacting to the win in the final episode of this series on Friday. My only concern with Gogglebox getting all this attention is that it will start to feel less genuine, but I'm chuffed it won.

Radio Times Audience Award
(Voted For By Members Of The Public)
Breaking Bad
Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor -WINNER!
Educating Yorkshire
The Great British Bake Off

To quote Lemar 'if there's any justice in the world' this should have gone to Educating Yorkshire!! Sadly the people who vote for this award tend to live online and so Doctor Who was a shoe in from the word go.

The Other Awards

Entertainment Programme
Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway -WINNER!
Derren Brown: The Great Art Robbery
Dynamo: Magician Impossible
Strictly Come Dancing

Soap & Continuing Drama
Coronation Street -WINNER!
Holby City

Specialist Factual
David Attenborough's Natural History Museum Alive -WINNER!
Martin Luther King and the March on Washington
Richard III: The King in the Car Park
Story of the Jews

Single Documentary
28Up South Africa
The Day Kennedy Died
The Murder Trial -WINNER!
The Unspeakable Crime: Rape

The Choir: Sing While You Work
Grand Designs
The Great British Bake Off
Long Lost Family -WINNER!

Current Affairs
The Cruel Cut
The Hunt For Britain's Sex Gangs (Dispatches)
North Korea: Life Inside the Secret State (Dispatches)
Syria: Across The Lines (Dispatches) -WINNER!

News Coverage
Channel 4 News
ITV News At Ten: Woolwich Attacks -WINNER!
North West Tonight Special: The Dale Cregan Verdict
ITV Granada Reports: The Lee Rigby Trial

Sport & Live Event
Bollywood Carmen Live
Glastonbury 2013
The Ashes 2013 - 1st Test, Day 5 -WINNER!
Wimbledon Men's Final

On the whole the awards served as a good reminder of how strong a year 2013 was and the continuing relevance of television as a medium.

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