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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Homer meets Peter as Fox announces Cross-over episode.

After years of gentle jibes America's two favourite animated families will appear together in one hour long special in the autumn. It was rumoured last year that Seth MacFarlane and his Family Guy team had convinced the cast of long-running animated comedy The Simpsons to guest star in a cross-over episode. It's the sort of thing you imagine in your mind could be quite exciting, but in actuality turn out to be quite embarrassing. Cross-over episodes normally feel quite awkward as the characters feel out of place but I've high hopes that  MacFarlane will be able to carry off such an ambitious task.

As American TV gets an overhaul every year with the upfronts the guys at Fox treated viewers with two images from the highly anticipated hour long episode, as well as teasing the plot which involves The Griffins visiting Springfield for a holiday.

All original Simpsons cast members will feature in the episode which sees the Peter Griffin butt heads with his yellow counterpart whilst the rest of their family bond over mutual interests. Whilst no official UK date has been set for their meeting US audiences can expect this special episode in late September when the 'Fall Season' gets underway on Fox.

Family Guy has a long history of gently mocking The Simpsons which has seen a steady decline of viewers in recent years.

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