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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

ITV announce celebrity editions of The Jeremy Kyle Show

ITV have announced that Jeremy Kyle will host a series of Celebrity Specials in early June. The chat show host will speak to Michael Barrymore, Tara Palmer Tomkinson, Tito Jackson, Liz Dawn and Shaun Ryder across a week of programmes which confront a range of issues that have affected them from money to drugs and relationships.

On Monday the 9th of June Kyle talks to Michael Barrymore about the addiction to drink and drugs which engulfed him; his struggles with his sexuality which led to the breakdown of his marriage and his account of the post nightclub party that brought his career to an abrupt end.

The following morning Tara Palmer Tomkinson reveals the depths of her cocaine addiction and the truth behind her reported relapse.

Tito Jackson guests on Wednesday morning discussing  fame, fortune and the tragedy that shocked the world- the death of his brother and undisputed 'King of Pop', Michael Jackson.

Coronation Street's Liz Dawn looks back over time on the soap on Thursday whilst Happy Monday's frontman Shaun Ryder recalls the hedonistic lifestyle that led him to rehab.

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