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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

ITV wants more 'Prey'

Director of Television for the ITV Peter Fincham has said he's keen for 3-part crime drama Prey to return for another series.

The series, which starred John Simm as fugitive Marcus Farrow was a hit with viewers and critics and alike and Fincham told journalists at a Broadcasting Press Guild lunch that he planned to ""cajole" Red Production Company, John Simm and writer Chris Lunt to do to do more of the popular drama. He also said he would " love it to come back & will try to make sure it does"

The fast paced three-parter concluded on Monday night to strong ratings and the DVD is available in June. John Simm is currently filming Intruders for BBCAMERICA and BBC1's period drama The Village, which is returning for a second series in the autumn.


Anonymous said...

Oh god no. This is as bad as doing a second series of Broadchurch.

The story was self-contained and ended. To have the same characters return for a similar story would make no sense whatsoever.

If there is a second series, it should be with a different set of characters. But a direct sequel would show a complete lack of imagination.

I'd prefer something else new and original - the best thing about Prey in the first place (not that it was all that original).

Unknown said...

It was the first ITV drama in ages that didn't fizzle out at the end.
I'm sure Chris Lunt can come up with another story featuring Marcus Farrow.

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