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Thursday, 15 May 2014

ITV2 Commissions new sitcom Cockroaches

ITV2 has commissioned Cockroaches, a new six part post-apocalyptic-romantic-comedy written and created by Bad Education's Fredy Syborn.

Daniel Lawrence Taylor and Esther Smith play  Tom and Suze, two nineteen-year-olds both dreaming of the future. When nuclear war strikes they have sex but, rather awkwardly, they both survive.

Ten years later, they emerge from the basement in Suzes’ house as two twenty-nine year olds wandering the wasteland where England used to be.

Cockroaches is a comedy about what happens after a nuclear holocaust. It's about those things that can survive anything: laziness, boredom, ex-boyfriends who are still stupid. And love.

It’s also about those absurd ideas on which our society is built. Like, how do you decide who’s in charge? Do you re-establish the idea of money? What do you teach children? Is Cannibalism really such a bad idea if you’re really really hungry?

The series will also feature appearances from Nigel Planer, Jaime Winstone, Caroline Quention and Den Renton-Skinner. In addition, Jack Whitehall will cameo as Suze's unhinged and insufferable ex-boyfriend Oscar.

Elaine Bedell, Director of Entertainment and Comedy for ITV said, “Cockroaches is a sharp new scripted comedy with a talented young cast, which we’re very happy to have on ITV2.”

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