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Saturday, 28 June 2014

BBC trails return of 'Our Girl'

The BBC have released a trailer for new drama Our Girl which stars Lacey Turner. Written by Tony Grounds and made by BBC Drama Production, the single drama made a big impact with audiences earlier this year with a successful debut on BBC One (consolidated audience of 6.3 million). The story is of the unstoppable Molly Dawes (Turner), born and raised in East London with few prospects, who went from nobody to a soldier in the Royal Army Medical Corps. The series follows Molly on her first deployment as a serving army medic against the backdrop of the British Army's withdrawal from Afghanistan. Molly will be forced to grow up very quickly by the unforgettable experiences she faces and crucially, she will make friends among her platoon, who will become almost as important to her as family, as they face extraordinary challenges in a foreign land far away from home. Afghanistan will change Molly's view of life in ways she could never have foreseen - and shape the character of our girl forever.

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