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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

London Live launches 'Ctrl Freaks'

Tonight sees the start of a new entertainment series to London Live. The Channel, which is London's first dedicated channel, is launching a new series called Ctrl Freaks. Dubbed as 'a hidden camera game show for the Facebook generation,' the series sees three comedians, Dave Gibson, Bec Hill and Jacob Edwards use the contestants’ social networks and set them outrageous challenges that they must live out for real.

Contestants must not give the game away, if they reveal the truth or fail to complete their challenges they are immediately forced out of the game…

This six-part series records the chaos that ensues when participants hand over control of their social network profiles to a panel of leading comedy talent. The show sees the panel given the opportunity to run, and maybe ruin, the participant’s social lives. The opening focuses on Entrepreneur Joe, who takes on 
21-year-old Felix, a real tennis player who describes himself as a mix between Shoreditch and Kensington – basically, he’s posh. When their two contestants in place the three Ctrl Freaks get to work turning lad's lad Joe into a drag queen and posh boy Felix into an urban rudeboy.

CTRL Freaks will air Wednesday at 10pm on London Live

Freeview 8, YouView 8, Sky 117 and Virgin 159

Twitter: @londonlive / Facebook: londonliveestv


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