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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Mark Jenkins returns in a new series of The Hotel

Channel 4 have confirmed that The Hotel will return for a new eight part series as we reacquaint ourselves with the marvellous Mark Jenkins.

Last seen packing his bags at the end of series three, Mark is now returning to Torquay in his new position as Entertainment Manager at the family-run establishment The Cavendish.

Located just metres away from Mark's former love The Grovesnor, The Cavendish stands on the main strip in Torquay. With 96 bedrooms and 30 members of staff, ‘The Cav’ is one of the largest family-run hotels in the area. Owners Joyce and Ernie Blagden have owned the Torbay establishment for 22 years. It’s run by their daughter Vicky and her husband Andy. They also employ grandson James as general manager.

The hotel needs some TLC and a shake-up in order to attract more holidaying guests and local customers so Mark has been drafted in to help. The family hope his unique management style and madcap ideas will help turn their fortunes around. Last seen in Series 3 packing his bags at The Grosvenor and selling up, Mark is back in Torquay with “something to prove.”

Channel 4's Commissioning Editor for documentaries, David Brindley said, “The Hotel has become one of Channel 4’s best loved and most memorable series. We’re thrilled to return to Torquay to explore the warm, comical and sometimes poignant world of British hospitality – this time with a twist as Mark takes on a new challenge, focussing his energy on entertaining and enthralling his guests.”

The Hotel is set to return in early 2015 

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