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Friday, 6 June 2014

Sky announce new cast for Trollied.

Sky have announced the new cast for the return of supermarket comedy Trollied. Award winning actress Miriam Margolyes (Harry Potter), Stephen Tompkinson (DCI Banks), Jack Carroll (Britain’s Got Talent) and Aisling Bea (Edinburgh Fringe So You Think You’re Funny Award) will join the cast for the fourth series which is due to air on the channel later this year.

In the new series customers will finally get to meet Colin’s nan Rose (Margolyes) who has decided to get a job on the tills at Valco. If Colin wants to continue to be seen as the good boy his Nan thinks he is, then he is then he is going to have to be on his best behaviour at work. Brian (Tompkinson) is Valco’s new pharmacist. He has pretentions to be a doctor, although Valco’s new pharmacy counter is the closest he’ll get.

Next up is new boy Harry (Carroll). At just 16, he has recently finished his GCSEs and with 9 A*s he is by far the brightest person Valco has ever had. The problem is he knows it. He’s a cheeky know-it-all, who gets away with anything because he’s smart enough to deliver it with total innocence.

Last to join the Valco staff is Charlotte (Bea). She’s the hopeless daughter and heiress of the man who owns Valco and daddy has decided that Gavin is the one to show her the ropes, from the bottom up.

The new series will also star series regulars Jason Watkins (Gavin), Rita May (Margaret), Carl Rice (Colin), Beverly Rudd (Lisa), Lorraine Cheshire (Sue), Faye Mckeever (Linda), Victor McGuire (Ian) and Dominic Coleman (Neville).

Miriam Margolyes commented: “I’m thrilled to be joining the cast of Trollied, such a popular and well-loved series. I can't wait to get stuck in to playing the part of Rose - she’s blunt, straight talking and mischievous; you could say - no acting required!”

Stephen Tompkinson said: “I’m very much looking forward to playing Brian. He definitely takes his job very seriously but he also wastes a lot of time talking so I think he will fit into Valco perfectly!”

Jack Carroll added: “I am very excited to be joining the new series of Trollied. I'm playing a slightly overweight disabled teenager- Typecast again!"

Jon Mountague, Sky’s Commissioning Editor commented: “We’re really pleased that Trollied will be back for a fourth series on Sky 1. Customers certainly have a treat in store as we welcome some great new additions to our favourite supermarket Valco.”

Trollied returns later in the year to Sky One 


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