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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Bake Off returns to record ratings

Some were cynical about moving The Great British Bake Off from its long time home BBC TWO to flagship channel BBC ONE. However, as hoped the format wasn't changed meaning the tent, the innuendos and the cakes returned in all their bake off glory. It's always hard to predict what the next big TV hit will be. It still baffles me why Mrs. Brown's Boys and Miranda have garnered so much love from the public, but the success of the Bake Off is perhaps easier to understand. It's completely inoffensive. It asks very little of the audience other than to sit back and enjoy. It's sadly rare in as much as it offers something for everyone with no discrimination of age. Who doesn't love to cake? Also, unlike the BBC's other big reality hit, The Apprentice the contestants feel like real people who you want to succeed. Really it isn't even a competition, it's all in good fun. Perhaps this would explain why the move to BBC ONE saw overnight ratings for this first episode rocket to a new high.
Not enough of an impressive stat for you? How about this then, with such impressive figures the Bake Off becomes the highest ever audience to first episode of series. All that for cake! 

The Great British Bake Off Continues Wednesday's at 8.00pm on BBC ONE.

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