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Monday, 18 August 2014

BBC One announce the return of Happy Valley

UK television is becoming more and more like American. If something is a huge ratings success, and even if it feels like the story has been told, broadcasters still feel the need to bring it back for another outing in hopes of securing that top audience. We've seen it happen with ITV ratings giant Broadchurch and today the BBC have announced plans to bring back Sally Wainwright's Happy Valley for a second series.

RED Production Company’s founder and executive producer Nicola Shindler added: “Sally created a truly magnificent series with very real, complex characters, an engaging plot and breathtaking storyline. I am delighted that we will be able to delve deeper into Catherine’s world in series two.”

Charlotte Moore, Controller, BBC One, says: “Sally Wainwright's sensational series gripped the nation. Visceral, emotional and provocative from beginning to end, it’s been fantastic to see our audience on tenterhooks, begging for more. The series is testimony to the creative ambition, quality and breadth of original British drama on BBC One and I can’t wait for the second series.”

Whilst I was one of Happy Valley's biggest fans I have to admit to being slightly concerned that a new story might spoil the greatness of what was one of the best and most unique BBC dramas in recent memory. No details of the new series have been announced but production is due to start in 2015 with broadcast in late 2015 on BBC One.

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