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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

BBC Two announce UK's first transgender comedy.

BBC2 have announced a new six-part transgender sitcom from Tiger Aspect.

Boy Meets Girl is created by Elliott Kerrigan and will be co-written by Elliott and Simon Carlyle.  The series was commissioned following a screening of the pilot at the BBC Salford Sitcom Showcase in March.

The script was discovered through the Trans Comedy Award - a BBC talent search, through the BBC Writersroom, which offered comedy writers up to £5,000 for the best script that promoted a positive portrayal of transgender characters.

Leo’s had a bad day.  He’s been fired (again), is being given a hard time by his mum and, to cap it all, his blind date fails to show up.  But then he bumps into Judy and finds himself deeply attracted to this surprising and beguiling woman. They bond over drinks and, unfazed by the fact that there’s a bit of an age gap between them, arrange to meet the following evening.  Leo’s mother is unhappy that he’s having dinner with an older woman.  But Leo doesn’t care what she thinks; he knows that he’s just met someone very special.

Sophie Clarke-Jervoise says: “We’re very excited to be making Boy Meets Girl for BBC Two.  It’s always great to work with brand new writers and Elliott has a delightfully quirky comedy voice which manages to combine big laugh-out-loud moments, with warmth and truthfulness.”

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