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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

ITV announces new drama

ITV have announced a new three-part drama series about a criminal mastermind trying to turn his life around. In the The Trials of Jimmy Rose viewers will meet Jimmy who has made crime pay over the years.
At 64 he’s spent more time in prison than with the love of his life Jackie, their two adult children, Jason and Julie and grandchildren Elliot, Ellie and India.

Distant hazy memories of Jimmy have been shattered by years of abandonment.  Especially for Jackie, who no longer knows if she loves him, and for Jason, who has finally cut his Dad completely from his life, and wants nothing more to do with him.  Jimmy’s family have moved on with their lives. Can Jimmy put his criminal life behind him and regain their respect and love by being a grandfather, a father and a husband, not a gangster?

The series is written and created by Alan Whiting (Strike Back, Kingdom – creator and writer, Wire in the Blood, Half Broken Things), directed by Adrian Shergold (Lucan, Mad Dogs, Dirty Filthy Love)

No cast details have been announced but we know filming is scheduled for October in Manchester.

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