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Thursday, 21 August 2014

The CustardTv at Edinburgh: Danny Cohen Chat

Welcome to TheCustard TV's guide to The Guardian Edinburgh TV festival 2014, first up is a chat with Danny Cohen who was filling in for BBC2 and BBC4 controller Kim Shillinglaw. Among the points made were:

. BBC2's commitment to reaching a younger audience by scheduling more programmes to reach the under 55s.
. BBC2 will begin to incorporate more BBC3 programming when the channel moves online. Cohen promised that some programmes such as Our War would be given a primetime slot whilst others would air between 10 and midnight.
. The channel will try to create edgier comedy such as Inside No.9 and The Wrong Mans. Cohen also pledged a commitment to mainstream comedy and in particular their desire to find the next Miranda.
. Cohen preview two of BBC2's new single dramas Marvellous starring Toby Jones and Castles in the Sky starring Eddie Izzard.
. Cohen pledged a commitment to demonstrate more diversity in BBC2's factual department and previewed a new series concentrating on black history.
. The channel will be introducing new light-hearted half-hour documentaries in the 10pm slot.
. BBC2 and BBC4 will be co-operating on a more regular basis especially during seasons of factual programming.
. He praised the popularity of Brian Cox and how his programmes meet the BBC's promise to educate and entertain.
. He mentioned his disappointment with the Jeremy Clarkson situation and how he'd chastised him both publicly and privately
. Finally he mentioned how Kim was dedicated to innovation and experimentation across both BBC2 and BBC4.

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