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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Dominic Treadwell-Collins hints at what to expect from EastEnders

EastEnders boss Dominic Treadwell-Collins has teased his plans for Christmas, the Lucy Beale mystery and beyond.

In an interview with Inside Soap Treadwell Collins said viewers would know more about who killed Lucy on New Year's Day. “What I can tell you about Lucy Beale’s killer is that on New Year’s Day, viewers are going to be very clear on who did not do it. The list of suspects will become much, much smaller.”

When asked whether fans will be satisfied with the reveal, the showrunner told Inside Soap: “When we first talked about the story, there was one killer – but something did not fit right about that person. It was a very clever idea, but it didn’t come from the heart.

“So Sharon Batten [story producer], Alex Lamb [story producer], Manpreet Dosanjh [script producer] and I locked ourselves away in a hotel room to come up with an alternative killer.

“It feels emotionally right, true and very exciting. From that moment it’s been locked in, and we would not cheat the audience by changing it now.”

Meanwhile, on keeping the plot outcome a secret, Treadwell-Collins said: “The hardest thing is when people have thrown their theories at me and got it right. It’s so difficult to keep your cool and pretend not to care.”

He also hinted at what we could expect at Christmas. He explained: “Christmas is going to be amazing. I was here the year that the Brannings watched the DVD reveal of Max and Stacey’s affair and I still think it’s the benchmark for me. So this year, Christmas will be shocking and very dark. It’s edge-of-your-seat stuff. I’m hoping it’ll be a real classic!”

Treadwell-Collins has been praised for being the saviour of the BBC's flagship soap bringing in new characters such as the Carters and being instrumental in securing the returns of Stacey Slater, Dean Wicks and the upcoming return of 'Nasty' Nick Cotton.

EastEnders Continues Tonight at 7.30pm on BBC ONE.

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