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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Does John Lewis do it again??

You can be a Scrooge, or a cynical Christmas snob, but if the advertising wizard's at John Lewis don't win you over you must have a swinging brick!

It has become as traditional as a Turkey and The Queen so we were eager to see what John Lewis have done this year. It may not make us rush into our nearest branch of the department store (not even sure where ours is), but it does the job that the best ads do, it sticks with you and lingers in your mind.

I'm not sure how they do it but the ad makers manage to tug at my non existent heartstrings with a ridiculously warm story about a young boy and his Penguin.  Penguin's aren't really overly Christmassy, but then again Father Christmas and Reindeer have been done to death. It's a warm story that people will remember. I predict a rush on Monty the Penguin toys this year!  

What Do you Think??

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