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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Homeland to return for fifth series

Showtime have confirmed Homeland will return next year for a fifth series. The recently rebooted fourth series of the high octane US drama has proved a hit in the states leading to its renewal. The network's president David Nevins said in a statement that Homeland has "brilliantly reinvented itself" with its fourth season.

Nevins said: "In its fourth season, Homeland has brilliantly reinvented itself. It continues to capture the attention of a devoted fan base, and has provided an enviable platform for the successful launch of The Affair.

"With thought-provoking, relevant and addictive storylines, both series have been embraced, dissected and much debated week after week. We're excited to see more from these complex shows in 2015."

Homeland continues Sunday's on Channel 4 

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