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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Matt's X-Factor Chart: Elton Vs Whitney Week

Whilst I'm all for double eliminations it has frustrated me this series when the vote lines have been open before any of the performances have commenced. For example the audience were tasked with voting for their favourite act regardless of whether they'd already sang. I feel that this really makes a mockery of the show which has already descended into parody and tonight's Elton Vs Whitney show was another mediocre slice of Saturday night entertainment.

1. Fleur East - I'm Every Woman
 If there's any justice Fleur should win this competition; she's a complete all-rounder and is the only act to truly hold my attention throughout her entire performance. Although I wasn't crazy about all of her female relatives and friends invading the stage, her vocal was flawless and she just owned the whole thing.

2. Andrea Faustini - I Have Nothing

As I've said week after week, I'm not the biggest Andrea fan but he played to his strengths to night and delivered an above-average vocal in a mediocre week.

3. Lauren Platt - How Will I Know

Lauren's spotlight was sort of stolen by her brother's participation in a street dance at the tail end of her performance of this Whitney classic. I do still like Lauren, but wasn't overly wowed by her general performance tonight.

4. Stereo Kicks - Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
The pre-performance VT that tried to let us get to know the Stereo Kicks lads fell flat but I felt they delivered one of their better performances tonight. This was the first time they harmonised in tune and hopefully Louis Walsh will be able to hold on to at least one act before the weekend is out.

5. Only the Young - Something About the Way You Look Tonight
I felt very sorry for Only the Young, who became the victims of the aforementioned blind vote, primarily as they were lost somewhere in the middle of the programme. To be fair, it wasn't up there with the performances they've delivered over the last few weeks but they still didn't deserve to go home.

6. Ben Haenow - I Will Always Love You
I just don't understand the love for Ben; for me he lacks charisma and has an above average voice. I can't see anybody buying his records and his performance of the Whitney hit highlighted his weaknesses rather than showcasing his strengths.

7. Stevi Ritchie - I'm Still Standing

The fact that Stevi can dress as an Egyptian and be smothered in feathers yet survive says something about how The X-Factor has descended into pure pantomime. People are now backing Stevi to win the whole contest and if this does happen then The X-Factor has lost any little of the credibility it once had.

What do you think of this week's chart? Let me know by tweeting me @mattstvbites

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