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Friday, 12 December 2014

EastEnders at Christmas: "I Know You Killed Lucy"

EastEnders will be its usual bundle of festive cheer this year, oh wait no, it'll be another high octane hour long special that will see secrets and lies exposed.

As Mick is pulling out all the stops to make the Carter family's first Christmas in The Queen Victoria perfect, it seems as though the rest of the family are desperately trying to keep their secrets but with ticking time bomb Dean lurking, the Carters are set to explode…

This Christmas will be hard for the Beales as they will be without their beloved Lucy. However in the run up to Christmas and over the festive season, dramatic developments appear in the murder case - with a particularly eerie twist coming amidst the Beale Christmas Day presents... Is it a message from Lucy's killer?

With many residents' alibis not appearing as they should, more truths come out and by New Year’s Day the list of suspects will be dramatically reduced ... But who will be left in the frame?

EastEnders can be seen on Christmas Day at 9.00pm on BBC One.

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