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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Mrs Brown's Boys Tops Christmas Ratings

It has been revealed that Mrs Brown's Boys topped the Christmas ratings charts this year with 7.6 million tuning in to watch the bawdy comedy.

In fact BBC One shows made up Christmas Day's top five with Eastenders, Strictly Come Dancing, Call the Midwife and Miranda all garnering at least 6.7 million viewers.

ITV's entries on the list including their two soaps Emmerdale and Coronation Street; at numbers six and ten respectively, whilst Downton Abbey featured at number eight.

Rounding off the list was Doctor Who at number seven and The Queen's Speech at number one.

BBC One's controller Charlotte Moore said of the rating's success, "it’s fantastic to see millions of viewers choosing BBC One with the top five most popular shows on Christmas Day. Audiences tuned in for an incredible range of quality programmes from drama, comedy and entertainment; with Mrs Brown’s Boys taking the top spot for a second year running.”

Despite BBC One's success in the ratings, the viewing numbers for the main shows were almost two million less than they were last year suggesting that people are getting tired of the same programmes dominating the Christmas schedules.

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