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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Broadchurch rides high in the ratings

The Guardian have revealed the overnight ratings for ITV's Broadchurch. So secret was this first episode of series 2 that no one from the press, cast or anyone on the moon were able given details of the full plot. As it turned out the plot saw the Latimer attend the court hearing for Joe Miller who proceeded to plead not guilty to the murder of their son. It was also revealed that brooding Alec Hardy had been hiding a woman in his house in Broadchurch who testified against her husband in his previous high profile case Sandbrook.

Read our review of episode 1

The launch of the hit ITV drama’s second series had 7.6 million viewers, a 30.1% share of the audience from 9pm. The second series opener was in joint spot as the second most watched episode of Broadchurch to date. The third episode of the first series also had 7.6 million viewers.

Broadchurch Continues Monday at 9.00pm on ITV.


Anonymous said...

Think this is going to end up being quite a disappointing show for ITV. Ratings for the first episode are way down on the finale from 2013. More detailed breakdowns show that about one million stopped watching at the first ad break and most likely turned over to the football. If the show can't even keep its previous audience past 10 to 15 minutes, it's going to be in trouble. Add in the quite negative comments from a lot of people and the problems with sound control, loud and intrusive music and many complaints that people couldn't understand David Tennant's mumbling, think this is going to drop a lot of viewers by episode 8. Ratings will end up settling around 5 or so million so certainly on par with The Missing and Happy Valley in terms of viewers but way behind both in terms of quality.

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