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Sunday, 25 January 2015

ITV Confirms Cast for The Frankenstein Chronicles

ITV have confirmed the ensemble cast for six-part period crime drama The Frankenstein Chronicles which will air later in the year on ITV Encore.

Sean Bean will star in the lead role as Inspector John Marlott who'll be taken on a terrifying journey in pursuit of a chilling and diabolical foe.

In the drama’s opening sequences, the Home Secretary Sir Robert Peel (Tom Ward), following a successful operation by Thames River Police to apprehend a gang of opium smugglers, recruits Marlott (Sean Bean).

As he stands on the water’s edge, Marlott makes a shocking discovery.  The body of a dead child is washed up on the shore and on further examination of the corpse, he is horrified to discover it’s not actually a child but rather a crude assembly of body parts arranged in a grotesque parody of a human form.  The mutilated child-like body leaves an indelible impression on Marlott and he finds himself unable to shake off the memory of what has happened that fateful night.

With a formidable reputation as an investigator, it comes as no surprise when coldly efficient Peel summons him insisting the “details of your investigation must remain confidential.” And after what he’s witnessed, Marlott accepts the challenge to track the perpetrator of this heinous crime. As he investigates, Marlott discovers that what he’s dealing with is more horrific than he could possibly have imagined.

Starring alongside Bean and Ward are Anna Maxwell Martin, Charlie Creed-Miles, Ed Stoppard, Samuel West, Elliot Cowan and Ryan Sampson. The Frankenstein Chronicles has been created by Benjamin Ross and Barry Langford.

Filming will commence this week in Northern Ireland.

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