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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Eastenders Spoiler: Lucy Bealer's Killer Revealed (Updated)

After ten months of speculation and betting, Eastenders revealed the identity of the person who killed Lucy Beale on Good Friday last year.

The end of the hour long episode saw Ian realise who killed Lucy and he pointed the finger at Jane. However, during the later flashback instalment, it was revealed that it was in fact Bobby who had committed the crime leading us believe that Jane was covering up for the youngster. 

Tonight's other big shock saw Gillian Taylforth return to her role of Kathy Beale for the first time in fifteen years. The character of Kathy was presumed death after being killed an accidnet off screen.

The episode's other highlights including Kim Fox giving birth early and Dot handing herself in for the murder of her son Nick. 

The flashback instalment revealed that Ben was intending to go to Miami with Lucy and also saw Richard Blackwood's mysterious new character give a gun to Ronnie. 

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