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Thursday, 19 February 2015

ITV announce Ninja Warrior

ITV have commissioned a UK version of worldwide obstacle course game show Ninja Warrior.

Already a hit in countries such as the US and Japan, Ninja Warrior is set to air on ITV over the spring. The series will see contestants pushed to their limits as they compete to complete TV's toughest challenge.

Contestants from all walks of life ranging from 'Have a Go Heroes' to 'Superhuman Athletes' are invited to take on the challenges of the course.  Viewers will be entertained by both those who can superbly execute the course to those who spectacularly fail, crashing out of the course into the water below.  Each part is laden with jaw-dropping challenges, heart-stopping excitement and adrenaline-fuelled action as the contestants attempt to complete three punishing and potentially hilarious stages.

250 ambitious competitors will start but few will successfully overcome the toughest obstacle course ever seen on British Television.  Can any survive to the end to face the vertical challenge of scaling the heights of an impressive scaling tower named, Mount Midoriyama, and be crowned the first 'Ninja Warrior UK'

ITV's Commissioning Editor for Entertainment Asif Zubairy said, "we are thrilled to be bringing Ninja Warrior to the UK. This exciting new format will showcase some inspirational achievements as well as hilarious mishaps on what promises to be the toughest course on TV.”

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