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Monday, 16 February 2015

Moon over Mitchell: eBay says Happy Birthday to EastEnders with top character ranking

As EastEnders prepares to turn 30, eBay has produced a sales ranking which shows that despite being down on his luck; Alfie Moon is the most popular character on the square with ‘Moon’ merchandise including shirts, masks and t-shirts outselling the cast average by a whopping 353%.

And although he hasn’t always proved popular in the Square, the iconic soap’s longest running character, Ian Beale, comes in second.  Perhaps surprisingly, and despite her demise last year, his daughter Lucy comes in at number three, beating a host of more famous names.

There’s something about The Vic as five of the top ten characters have pulled pints there.  Phil Mitchell (5th), who is due to return to the Square this weekend, beats his bad boy brother Grant Mitchell (10th).  Yet, despite featuring in countless episodes since joining the cast, the Queen Vic’s current landlord, Mick Carter, played by movie star Danny Dyer, just missed out on a top spot, coming in 11th.

Colourfully accessorised Pat Butcher is the most popular landlady in the ranking (4th), beating long-term rival Peggy, who comes in seventh.

Top 10 EastEnders characters on eBay.co.uk:*

Alfie Moon
Ian Beale                          
Lucy Beale                        
Pat Butcher                    
Phil Mitchell    
Dot Cotton                      
Peggy Mitchell
Jake Stone                      
Billy Mitchell                    
Grant Mitchell

EastEnders Live Week kicks off on Tuesday on BBC One   

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