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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Bafta: The Shows that didn't make the cut.

So the nominees for the BAFTA TV awards have been announced and to be honest for the most part it's a flawless list. The nominees showcase what a strong year 2014 was for almost every genre. But, as you'd expect there were some shows that missed out on a nomination. Notably omissions include Channel 4's mega-hit Gogglebox, the surreal genius of Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith's Inside No.9 and the engrossing documentary series 24 Hours in Police Custody.

Inside No.9 was something different. Programme makers always seem unsure of anthology series because there aren't the returning characters for audiences to engage with week after week. I've never seen the problem, it's story I care about and Inside No.9 had a terrific way of telling its story. Ask any fan what their favourite episode of the first series was and they'll probably say 'the silent episode' without a second of hesitation. The episode was called A Quiet Night In and was entirely silent until the final nail biting moments. Like most people I genuinely cried with laughter when it aired last year and have still found it hilarious on numerous repeat viewings. I'm pleased comedies like The Detectorists and The Wrong Mans made the cut but their style of comedy was different to Inside No.9 and I would've loved to see Pemberton and Shearmsith be recognised for their work here.

Another notable omission is Channel 4's Gogglebox. This show is now a huge hit for Channel 4, with even the repeats drawing impressive figures. It has been nominated in the past and you could argue that perhaps the panel thought the show was too popular to nominated but other fan favourites like the Great British Bake Off made the cut. Gogglebox is still consistently hilarious, entertaining and shines a light on modern day Britain in a way few shows do.  It's lack of nominations is truly baffling but Gogglebox is a strong as ever.

Channel 4 had a tremendous year for documentary last year and annoyingly one of their best series in years has been cruelly ignored. 24 Hours in Police Custody was truly riveting TV. Much like Gogglebox this shone on a light on modern Britain in a truly shocking, thought provoking and unflinching manner. The show was didn't shy away from showing the darker side of policing and the struggles that modern day police face on an everyday basis. It's real time format (which also works brilliantly in the equally engrossing 24 Hours in A&E) made for a tense and engaging viewing. In a way it has ruined my enjoyment of crime drama which often doesn't match the realism on offer here.

As I say for the most part I agree with BAFTA's nominations but I suppose it's a testament to how strong last year was that some shows didn't make the cut.

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