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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Car share breaks iPlayer records

Peter Kay’s brand-new comedy series Car Share, which premiered in full on BBC iPlayer from 24 to 28 April, saw comedy fans flock in the millions with 2.8m requests to date.

This makes Peter Kay’s Car Share BBC iPlayer’s most successful series to premiere as a box-set to date, with episode one racking up over 1m requests alone. Viewers took the opportunity to enjoy the full series as all six episodes made it to BBC iPlayer’s ‘Most Popular’ section over the weekend.

 This is the first Peter Kay sitcom for BBC One, and following its iPlayer premiere, episode one will broadcast on the channel tonight at 9.30pm.

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Peter says: "I've been blown away by the response so far. How could I not be. Here's hoping the success continues and people enjoy the series Wednesday and Thursday on BBC One... at half nine."

Shane Allen, Controller of Comedy Commissioning, says: “This is a phenomenal reaction which shows how excited audiences are to see Peter in his first scripted comedy for the BBC. We’re so proud of the show and it’s heartening that comedy does so well in the new on-demand world. All credit to Peter for his innovative approach with this series launch which hopefully gives it a following wind for the primetime launch on BBC One tonight.”

Car Share starts at 9.30pm on BBC One.

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