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Thursday, 9 April 2015

ITV's Prey to return for second series

BAFTA nominated drama Prey will return for a second series and a completely new story.

Rosie Cavaliero will reprise her role as DS Susan Reinhardt following the ratings success and critical acclaim of the high-octane format.

Produced by Red Production Company, the second series will once again be written by Prey creator Chris Lunt.

The new story will also star Philip Glenister who takes the role of Prison Officer David Murdoch.  His life becomes complicated when on a routine visit to a Manchester hospital with female prisoner Jules Hope events spiral out of control.  David takes a phone call, which will change his life forever and suddenly sees him on the wrong side of the law.

 With the life of his heavily pregnant daughter, Emma, threatened, David has no alternative but to go ‘on the run’ and inadvertently becomes ‘the prey.’

Unaware of the danger to Emma, DS Susan Reinhardt the no-nonsense, hard-working cop whose personal happiness seems forever blighted tries to unravel why David is suddenly behaving totally out of character. With his reputation as a prison officer intact, Reinhardt attempts to unravel why he makes every effort to strenuously dodge the Police.

 In some amazing chase sequences, Reinhardt and her police colleagues go in pursuit as in desperation David handcuffs himself to Jules.  She is his only bargaining tool as he sets out to move ‘heaven and earth’ to find his beloved daughter.

Prey will be filmed in Manchester, Salford and Blackpool from the beginning of May and will be directed by Lewis Arnold (Banana, Misfits, Humans).


Anonymous said...

Have reasonable hopes for this. The original was much better than Broadchurch and I think by taking a different angle, they will avoid the problem which Broadchurch 2 got itself into. If popular shows have sequels, this is the way to do it - some of the same cast, twist the approach of the plot and keep what worked the first time and discarded the second. If only Chris Chibnall had taken this approach, he might have made Broadchurch 2 less of the laughing stock it became. I would have (obviously) kept Olivia Colman but made the focus of the story about her seeking to rejoin the community - lose the unnecessary trial stuff, lose the Hardy character who was tonally one-note and only existed as a foil to Miller and have a new actor on the scene to challenge her character in a different way. With a focus on the domestic drama and with Colman taking charge, this could really have done the job. Real opportunity wasted there.

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