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Thursday, 28 May 2015

SunTrap is utter..

Last night I was full of hatred. I was angry,consumed with vitriol and all because of something on the telly. Some shows should come with a warning for those with blood pressure issues. The show in question is a 'comedy' entitled SunTrap. You could read the following review, but if you had the good sense to avoid this programme, let me just say it was the worst BBC comedy since 2013's The Wright Way. Just typing those three words caused me to shudder.

Sometimes something is so mind boggling terrible it leaves  you wondering how it got commissioned in the first place. The writers are virtual unknowns who must have some connections within Auntie Beeb. I can't see how else these pitiful scripts made it onto the desk of a decision maker let alone given the green light to film the sodding thing! Sets aren't quiet places, they're full of camera, make up, sound folk, directors, producers and acting talent who surely could've spoken up and put a stop to this before it made it to our screens on a Wednesday evening. Comedy is ultimately subjective but SunTrap is a 'comedy with absolutely no redeeming features. BBC One has churned out one disappointing sitcom after another of late, and then, just recently my faith in BBC comedy was restored in Peter Kay's masterpiece Car Share. Car Share was a revelation. A warm and believable comedy chocked full of observations, two incredibly strong leads and a wonderfully relateable and simple premise. SunTrap somehow managed to bypass this winning formula, consequently a show that spawned anger, frustration and bewilderment from everyone who had unwisely decided not to toddle off to bed when the newsman said 'goodnight'

You get the idea.

I've honestly never hated a show this quickly in all my years of writing reviews. You can't ignore how ridiculously immature the scripts are, but I think the main issue I have with it is the main performance from Kayvan Novak. He'd barely been on screen for a second when the urge to hit his character Woody with a large pointy object began to engulf me. We have a history of celebrating the irritating character in our comedies. Del Boy, David Brent, Jim Royle and Basil Fawlty and Victor Meldrew are all people you wouldn't want to invite over for a dinner party. But all of those characters, were human and felt genuine and real. Novak's character here was so much of a caricature that you couldn't connect. His performance reeked of someone trying far too hard and failing with every attempt. Bradley Walsh did the best with the awful material the writers threw his way but his performance echoed a that of an over enthusiastic Panto actor who knew he was loosing the bored and fidgety audience. The only thing the BBC possibly got right was the timeslot they cleverly buried their latest comedic plane crash in. Wednesday at 10.45pm isn't a slot they normally put their comedies which gives me hope at that least someone within the scheduling team knew they had a stinker on their hands.

I don't get any pleasure out of ripping something to shreds and perhaps if I were a better reviewer I could try and muster something positive to say. So I'll close with one positive note... the sky was a nice shade of blue.


BM Lincoln said...

I thought Sun Trap was supposed to be a comedy I was looking foreword to watching it and I was disappointed from start to finish I found it boring and cringingly in funny I cannot see this programme lasting long it needs a better story line when you've watched all the series of Benedorm there is no comparison that was fantastic viewing every episode

Anonymous said...

Sun crap! Only watched it for location shots of Porto mogan in gran caneria. It's is incredibly awful and if I was one of the two leads, Bradley Walsh and especially the other fella, woody....I think I my next gig would be at the dole queue! How did it ever get made? Who paid for this drivel.... Words fail me!!!!!

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