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Monday, 29 June 2015

Am I the only one with a DVD collection??

I moved recently. It's a process that's just as stressful as the statistics say. Canceling direct debits, setting up direct debits, closing the home phone and setting up and memorising a new number. Fighting with solicitors and making sure you have Sky come out and erect a new dish for you! So much to think about. I had an extra issue: my humongous DVD collection!

I'm the only of my friends and family to have a collection. They are all proudly displayed in this very room in a handy a-z order. I've assorted them into categories, comedy, documentary and drama.

When it came time to pack them into boxes for the journey to their new room I did genuinely consider throwing some away. Some did end up on the shelves of my nearest charity shop, but I kept the majority. If I enjoy something on TV then I have to add it to my collection. There are some I've watched countless times and others I'm conscious I've never touched but I wouldn't want to be without just in case I ever felt in the mood to watch them. It's a hobby, it's damn near an obsession. When I make a trip to HMV I'm both happy and a little downhearted that I already own all the best telly DVDs.

I'm not sure anyone in my immediate family or friendship group owns a single DVD. I'm aware most people will watch something once, enjoy it and most likely forget all about it by the next week. But, am I really that unusual? I appreciate streaming services may slowly wipe out the DVD market, and I'm guilty of enjoying things on Netflix, but I don't think it's a substitute for the physical product.

I'm proud of my collection, I've never showed it off, but it's mine. I own so many that it's quite possible I could watch a new one a week for years. I sometimes worry that I've wasted a lot of money. Will these soon become as obsolete as the VHS tapes I held onto until 2010, or will I be adding to my collection for decades to come? Whatever happens, the next time I'm binging on a boxset I want it to be one I own!


Anonymous said...

I am like you in that I have an extensive collection of DVD and Blu-Ray. I have tried to look at streaming services like Netflix, but I have not been that impressed, because the physical media seems to be better. Like you, if there is something on television or at the theater that I like, then I will usually buy it. My unwatched pile continues to grow, but I do try to make a dent in it though.
I did put together a catalog of my collection, and because I have added so much to it, I am always revising it. So this is just to say, that you are not alone in collecting films and programs on DVD or Blu-Ray

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