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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Is 'The Interceptor' The worst BBC drama for years??

God TV is awful at the  moment. If I'm honest 2015 has been lackluster, unexciting and annoyingly predictable. All the channels have rolled out their usual big hitters but I'm keen for fresh blood to get my relationship with my once beloved television on the right track again. We used to be so happy together. We'd sit for hours, the TV providing me with hours of entertainment, now I'm lucky if it can get me smiling. I'm aware how wrong all this must sound so I'll stop the analogy there.

There's been one BBC drama this year that has saved me from falling out of love with TV all together (sorry I've unexpectedly continued the analogy that was making you feel queasy). That was the wonderfully honest cancer drama The C Word from a months ago. I found that utterly moving, touching, funny and engrossing. It restored my faith that the BBC drama department hadn't totally lost the plot. As wonderful as The C word was it was a single drama. I've been waiting all year for a new and exciting longer form drama to sink my teeth into. It wasn't the third series of Kay Mellor's overrated lottery drama The Syndicate, nor was it Danny Brokelhurst's car showroom drama Ordinary Lies, if I'm brutally honest even the great Jimmy McGovern's latest drama didn't float my boat.

So my hopes rested on the beeb's latest drama The Interceptor. This 8-parter was billed as 'action packed'. I've been reviewing for long enough that I've learnt to decode the press releases. 'Action packed' is normally code for "a lot of stuff is blown up, people are shot, but all the action comes at the expense of the story and character development.' And surprise wouldn't you know it, The Interceptor contains plenty of car chase sequences, violence and all that guff but with absolutely nothing to support it. It's quite simply, utter tosh!

Much like the BBC's recent 'comedy' Suntrap (which airs on the same night after the news, What us viewers have done to deserve such an awful lineup on a Wednesday is lost on me), I find it unfathomable that no one involved spotted what stinker they were making. This is a show with absolutely no redeeming features. The acting is the worst I've seen in a while, there's virtually no story and the dialogue is so laughingly bad you'll be too busy giggling to hear most of it.

It's basically the dullest, most cliched, lazy piece of TV drama that has been chucked my way this year. 2015 has seen TV drama decline, but this is the worst of the lot. It feels so dated. Some reviewers have unfairly compared it to Spooks, but I'm assuming that's only because it feels like something the BBC would think was cool back in 2001. Spooks lasted ten years, managing to combine action with storytelling. Anyone with an ounce of taste would only last ten minutes with this tripe.

Our lead is Ash. He saw his father murder a drug dealer when he was young and it has a profound effect on him. He sees crime round every corner, risks his life, blah, blah, blah! Ash is recruited by a clandestine police unit who work below the law. Blah, blah, blah! We've seen this all before only with slightly better performances. The lead performance from O-T Fagbenle  so bad it's almost parody. His over the top intensity in every scene is yet another reason I found the show so un-watchable.  I thought long and hard about whether I could say anything remotely positive about it, and I've come up with one, I really like that Run DMC song they used at the beginning. I'm aware this review is so spiteful you might be keen to check it for yourselves, but if you've ever agreed with any of our reviews I beg of you not to waste an ounce of your time on this. Don't set up to record, don't catchup on iPlayer and don't watch any clips on youtube. This needs to fade away, be quickly forgotten and most importantly never recommissioned.


Anonymous said...

Hello. I agree, 'The Interceptor' is very poor, and not worth watching, but thank you for giving me the biggest laugh I've had this week by suggesting that no-one would last for 'ten minuets' with it.

However, I can't agree with you that 'the BBC drama department has lost the plot'. Didn't you see 'Wolf Hall'? Or 'Poldark'? Has 'Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell' passed you by unnoticed? A shame if so. You've missed three fantastic pieces of drama.

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Ketoman said...

I watched this series all the way through mainly hoping it would improve, but it did not.
This has to be the worst BBC drama for many a year. It would be more suited to being scheduled for kids tv. The Plots were ok but the repetetive, predictive writing for the main character was very poor. Character told not to do something so he doeas it anyway seemed to be the theme for every episode.
It seemed dumbed down to distraction with everything having to be spelt out and not allowing viewers to see and work out a few things for themselves.
There were some very good actors in this drama but were totally wasted with a useless script.
O.T Fabgenle maybe a semi decent actor but he is no lead player. He does not have the gravitas and charisma to pull this role off. From the first episode i thought "miscasting". As a support actor maybe he has a good future, but lead actor? NEVER!
We were promised Trevor Eve in all the build up to the series being shown, but he was hardly in it......But when he was what a difference it made.
On the whole it was very disappointing. I have come to expect more from BBC dramas which are usually brilliant. This was a total failure. If they are thinking of another series please do not waste my license money on more drivel.
Bad BBC!!!

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