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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Web Series You Should Be Watching

There’s so much choice when it comes to tv these days, particularly with the internet, it can be difficult to know what you want to watch and make time for. We’ve put together this list of excellent web series which you should definitely be working time into your schedule.
To begin with, many people will be able to relate to the funny and charming Millennial Parents. The show is set up as snapshots into the life of a 21st century couple attempting to raise their child amongst the exhaustions and confusions of modern life. The show explores the moral and practical dilemmas surrounding parenting in a world where everything is recorded for our online profiles and nothing feels sacred or private anymore. A very funny and insightful watch.

Fans of Peter Serafinowicz’s weird and wonderful TV series Look Around You are sure to love Reggie Watts: Teach. Here, Watts takes the role of teacher, teaching a different subject in each episode. Of course, the information given is all completely inaccurate, with jokes which are enjoyably subtle and utterly bizarre.

Can’t get enough of Jane Austin? We can’t blame you – which is why we would definitely recommend this charming adaptation, Emma Approved. Pemberly Digital, the company who brought you the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, have truly done it again in this exciting recreation of the classic Austin novel. The book has been relocated to 21st century America and is communicated through a series of video diaries set in the protagonists’ living room. Emma Woodhouse is a lifestyle coach in America, who specialises in romantic set ups.  

Finally, although we’re primarily focusing on new TV series the next one on the list is actually a couple of years old, but that’s no reason not to look it up. It is of course H+, a fascinating study into transhumanism and into human nature, which really taps into the dangers of technology as the internet becomes an ever more prominent feature in our lives – literally fusing into our minds in this fascinating drama. Shown in short episodes of just a few minutes long, the narrative bounces around, sometimes moving forward in time and sometimes backward, slowly building up the answers and picture pieces to help reveal what has just happened. Although no new episodes of this excellent television series have been made since 2013, the show is still definitely worth looking up.

Of course, web series’ can be addictive and it’s important to pace yourself and not get into a rut. Even if you save it for quiet nights in, sure you take breaks by doing things like reading, phoning up a friend or playing and winning some dough on fantastic bingo sites and online casinos. Sites such bingosweets.com offer some amazing deals. Enjoy!

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