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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The TVweek: Saturday 12th - Friday 18th March 2016

Notable Continuing Series: Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, 7.00pm, ITV
                                                 Stag!, 9.00pm, BBC2
                                                  Trapped, 9.00pm, BBC4.
8.30pm You're Back in the Room ITV - Philip Schofield returns with a second series of the hypnotism gameshow.
9.00pm Indian Summers Channel 4 - Julie Walters returns in a second series about the Raj in India. The second series sees action move to 1935, where India dreams of independence, but the British are clinging to power. A terrorist attack against the British Viceroy of India puts Aafrin Dalal in the frame. As the Viceroy fights for his life, Aafrin struggles to keep his secret life as a nationalist spy from being exposed. Aafrin discovers Alice is now married to Englishman Charlie Havistock, but tension between the two lovers soon returns to the boil. Meanwhile, Cynthia urges Ralph to make a play for the top job of Viceroy, but Ralph's American wife Madeleine has other ideas.
Notable Continuing Series: The Night Manager, 9.00pm, BBC1
                                                 Thirteen, 10.00pm, BBC2
10.15pm Houdini and Doyle ITV/ITV Encore - Drama series based on the lives and friendship of Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle. A nun is brutally murdered at one of the notorious Magdalene laundries, and the only witness claims that she saw the killer - a young 'Maggie', who died six months ago. Conan Doyle and Houdini approach Chief Inspector Merring of Scotland Yard to investigate the case. Doyle hopes to find that there is truth to the nun's claim, while Houdini hopes to prove there is not. Merring assigns them the Yard's first female cop, Constable Adelaide Stratton.
9.00pm Behind Closed Doors BBC1 - With unprecedented access to the Thames Valley Police domestic abuse teams and the victims of violence they are helping, this documentary gives an insight into the most common violent crime to take place in the home. Shot over 12 months, and starting from the moment a 999 call is received, the film follows three brave women who each waive their right to anonymity to show how insidious and terrifying domestic abuse can be. The complex emotions involved when someone you love becomes violent are also exposed, as are the difficulties for police when those feelings mean victims are not completely honest.
Notable Continuing Series: American Crime Story: The People v OJ Simpson, 9.00pm, BBC2
                                             Fresh Meat, 10.00pm, Channel 4
8.00pm Mary Berry's Easter Feast BBC2 - Mary shares her favourite Easter recipes, such as hot cross buns, simnel cake and roast lamb, and takes a look at how Christian communities all over the world celebrate Easter with special food. In this episode, Mary discovers the diverse traditions followed by British families and communities during Lent and Good Friday.
8.00pm Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners Channel 4 - A new run of the show that matches people who can't stop cleaning with those in dire need of a tidy.
9.00pm Inside Obama's White House: 100 Days BBC2 - 00 Days. The story of how Obama tried to reshape America, as told by his inner circle - and the president himself. A month after his victory, Obama discovered America was on the verge of a great depression. He puts his plans for change on hold to pass the largest stimulus in history. Obama promises to close Guantanamo within a year - and it is still open. His attorney general admits that evidence against many of the prisoners could not be used to prosecute because they had been tortured. And at the Copenhagen summit, the president crashed a meeting between three fellow heads of government in his desperation to do something about climate change.
9.00pm Speeding Wars ITV - Two-part programme about speeding on the UK's roads, an emotive subject that divides motorists with varying opinions across the board.
9.00pm First Dates Channel 4 - Matre d' Fred and his team return for a new series, opening the doors of the First Dates restaurant to more hopeful singletons from all over the country.
Notable Continuing Series: Happy Valley, 9.00pm, BBC1
                                              Alan Partridge's Mid-Morning Matters, 10.00pm, Sky Atlantic
10.45pm The Estate We're In BBC1 - With the buildings of London's West Hendon Estate deemed beyond repair by the local council, this documentary follows homeowners and council tenants as they fight to save their homes and campaign against a planned multimillion-pound regeneration, which they claim is forcing low-income families out of London. Council leaders argue that there is no public money available and that private investment is the only way to supply much-needed housing. Through the experiences of the residents, the film gives an intimate perspective on the housing crisis and raises broader questions: What makes a community? Is it possible to fight the system? And are the rights of the poor being ignored for the benefit of the rich?
8.00pm Horizon: The Immortalist BBC2 - The gripping story of how one Russian internet millionaire is turning to cutting-edge science to try to unlock the secret of living forever.
8.00pm Scruffts: Britain's Favourite Dog Channel 4 - Six dogs. Six handlers. All competing in the world's largest and most famous dog show: Crufts. But they're not the pedigree pooches who compete to be labelled Best in Show. These are the loveable family pets competing to win the Scruffts title.
Notable Continuing Series: 24 Hours in A&E, 9.00pm, Channel 4
9.00pm My Family At War BBC2 - In a deeply personal film, writer and comedian Brendan O'Carroll, star of Mrs Brown's Boys, tells the story of the Irish Easter Rising.
9.00pm Jo Brand's Hell of a Walk for Sport Relief BBC1 - A raw and revealing documentary following comedian Jo Brand as she attempts to walk across the width of England for Sport Relief in just seven days. Jo admits she is not athletic, but she has decided to take up the walking challenge to inspire all the overweight middle-aged women across the nation and to raise money for a range of causes funded by Sport Relief that matter to her personally. Suffering from extreme fatigue, she battles through the biting cold, gale-force winds of over 70mph and torrential rain. It is a hellish week where Jo is tested to the limit, both physically and mentally.
9.00pm Speed with Guy Martin: F1 Special Channel 4 - Motorbike racer and lorry mechanic Guy Martin is fascinated by Formula 1: the cars, the engineering and the racing. In this special programme, broadcast ahead of the launch of Formula 1 on Channel 4, Guy goes head to head with racing legend David Coulthard, pitting bike against car in a test of speed unlike any Silverstone has seen before. With David in a V8 Red Bull car and Guy on his Tyco BMW Superbike, the pair explore each other's worlds the way they both know best: by racing in a series of head-to-head challenges including a drag race, a brake test, a slalom and a full-on circuit race.
9.00pm Childhood's End Sky1 - When peaceful aliens invade earth, humanity finds itself living in a utopia. But does it come at a price? Charles Dance and Mike Vogel star.
Notable Continuing Series: Murder, 9.00pm, BBC2
                                The Good Wife, 9.00pm, More4
11.00pm @Elevenish ITV2 - Brand new topical comedy series, written and performed by a cast of stand-up comedians, character comics and sketch groups.
7.00pm Sport Relief 2016 BBC1 - Gary Lineker and David Walliams kick off the biggest Sport Relief night ever live from Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, packed with appearances from the best sport and entertainment talent in the UK.
Notable Continuing Series: Gogglebox, 9.05pm, Channel 4
                                   The Last Leg, 10.05pm, Channel 4

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