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Monday, 25 July 2016

Five reasons to keep watching Corrie this summer and autumn

Contributed by Katy Brent
It’s not every day we get invited to chow down on fish and chips in the Rovers Return, accompanied by a beer (sadly not Newton and Ridley’s finest) and Corrie’s new boss, Kate Oates, telling us what we’ve got to look forward to in Weatherfield over the coming months.

Me in the Rovers!
We headed up to the Coronation Street set in Manchester to attend a very special press event – and came home with a shed-load of spoilers. As well as the cast we got some hot of the press spoilers from new boss Kate Oates

Now…make sure you keep these secrets to yourselves…

Peter Barlow is coming back – and he’s not alone.

The women of Weatherfield had better prepare themselves because Corrie’s biggest lothario is on his way back. With Carla gone and Tina dead, he’s certainly going to have his eye out for a new lady companion. And there’s always that spark with ex-wife Leanne that never really went away.

Jane Danson, who plays pregnant Leanne, told us: “There’s history there, with the three of us.” While Ben Price, who plays on-off lover Nick, added: “I hate him! So that’s my history.”

Jane continued: “Leanne still likes him [Peter Barlow] a bit though if she’s honest. He’s the Battersby side of her that kind of intrigues her. It’s safe with Nick and it’s all lovely, but there’s an element of danger with Pete and she quite likes that.”

And if the promise of Peter Barlow and his leather jacket rocking back up wasn’t exciting enough, let us tell you this – he won’t be the only Barlow making his way back to the street.

Kate revealed that Ken’s grandson, Adam Barlow, will make a return. Along with Ken’s son with Denise, Daniel.  Yep, the street is going to be packed to the rafters with Barlows again.

Kate said: “One of the longest-running families on that soap is the Barlows, and why would you not want to strengthen that family?

I love the idea of Ken as the head of the family which has Tracy, Simon and Amy here currently. I am excited to bring Peter back to the show. I am delighted to meet Daniel Osbourne, who is Ken’s child with Denise, and I am excited to bring back Adam, who is Mike Baldwin’s son and Ken’s grandson.
"I think that strong family dynasty – the first family on the soap, as it were –  here, big, strong and sending ripples through the Street, is really exciting, and I am really looking forward to seeing that.”

Steve’s getting everyone pregnant

We already discovered on Friday night that Steve McDonald is Leanne’s baby-daddy. But his reproducing isn’t going to stop there. To Steve’s horror, it’s not long before Michelle reveals that she is also expecting his baby. Is there an award yet for the most fertile man in soap?
 And Steve is going to have to deal with the wrath of Nick as well, as he finds out the truth about Leanne’s unborn child.

Kate said: “Obviously it's one thing when this guy is an unknown, but it's another when this guy is a neighbour and it's Steve McDonald!

So when Nick is in possession of this information, it's safe to say that things will kick off between him and Steve - and obviously therefore threaten Steve's precious marriage."

We almost feel sorry for him. Almost.

Psycho Maria looks set to make a reappearance

It’s not just Steve who’s going to be involved in a big love triangle though. Aidan is about to cheat on his girlfriend, Eva, with Maria.

The two are set to get cosy after Eva puts pressure on Aidan over their relationship. But while Aidan regrets their one night stand, Maria isn’t feeling quite so remorseful. This scares Aidan – especially when Maria dumps Luke, and he finds out about stalky past.

Kate said: “Aidan regrets it but Maria doesn’t so much. She decides that if things were different, Aidan would be someone she was interested in, which is slightly inconvenient for poor Luke, who I think is the most tolerant man in Weatherfield.

 “So Maria does the decent thing and ends it with him but this terrifies poor Aidan who is worried she might now come after him. He worries that he has slept with a crazy lady. Maria finds that mildly insulting, so what we see is a wedge there between her and Aidan.”

She continued: “There is a dilemma in Maria’s life and that comes in the form of Caz. She is complicated and she brings those complications to Maria’s life. For me, that story is about testing Maria and putting her at jeopardy, but it is actually a chapter in this long-running storyline we are going to see between Aidan, Maria and Eva.
“They are the people she will turn to because Eva is a great friend and Aidan is a great support, but it means that Maria has broken that very important rule about sleeping with your friend’s boyfriend.

David’s vowed vengeance

It’s fair to say that David Platt has been a broken man since the death of his much-loved wife, Kylie. And, in typical David-style, it looks as if he’s about to crank-up the crazy as he seeks revenge on Clayton

Kate said of David: “We've seen David promise to avenge Kylie's death. But we've also seen him promise Kylie - as she lay dying - that he would be a brilliant parent.

But while one of these promises is based in love and nurture, the other is grounded in hate. So which of these promises is going to win out? Well, I think you can probably guess which one I want to play out."

 Yeah, we think so.

 There’s a big autumn stunt planned

Kate also promised that there would be a very dramatic stunt coming up soon – and it looks like David could be at the centre.

She said: “We have a nice big stunt coming up in the autumn. It's tradition. And it will tie in with David’s story.”

There are already rumours doing the rounds about explosions and fires.

Kate’s known for bringing a helicopter crash and a siege to Emmerdale, where she worked before Corrie, so who knows what she has up her sleeve.

Coronation Street Continues tonight on ITV.

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