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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The TVweek: Sunday 17th - Friday 22nd July 2016

9.00pm The Secret Agent BBC1 - London, 1886: Verloc (Toby Jones) runs a seedy shop in the heart of London’s Soho. Unknown to his loyal wife Winnie (Vicky McClure) Verloc is paid by the Russian embassy to spy on a dangerous anarchist cell.
Summoned by the Russians, he is given a mission: orchestrate a bombing that can be blamed on the anarchists and provoke a political crackdown by the British.
Verloc must source a bomb from The Professor (Ian Hart), but hide his actions from Winnie and Chief Inspector Heat (Stephen Graham) of Scotland Yard’s Special Crimes Division. Unable to persuade his anarchist ‘comrades’ to help, Verloc sets his sights on Winnie’s younger brother Stevie (Charlie Hamblett) as his accomplice.
9.00pm Zoo Sky1 - Second season of the US drama based on the work of Stephen King
9.00pm The Somme 1916: From Both Sides of the Wire BBC2
9.00pm Eden Channel 4 - Over the course of the coming year, a group of 23 men and women attempt to start a new society from scratch. Fed up with our modern day reliance on consumerism, social media and disillusioned with 21st century life, they set out to build their very own Eden in the wilds of the Highlands, to see what happens when we start again. In order for the group to thrive and not just survive over the 12 months, they need to work together to build their own shelter, grow their own food and raise their own livestock. The people taking part in this unique social experiment offer a variety of skills - from doctors and vets to carpenters and chefs. They have no access to electricity, plumbing or the supermarket. The group take in with them only what they can carry and the basics needed to kick start their experience, including the tools of their trade.
9.00pm Swim the Channel BBC4 - Documentary that tells the story of those who keep Captain Webb’s vision alive – the volunteer coaches and the unlikeliest of athletes who they tirelessly support in their dream to swim from England to France. The rules are simple - no physical aids, no wimp/wet suits, just a swimsuit, goggles, the all important swimming cap and a spot of grease to stop the chaffing.  At the heart of the community are pensioners Freda, Irene and Barry. They can be found in Dover every weekend from May to September come rain or shine, ready to train, feed and grease the wannabes Channel swimmers.
9.00pm Zealand: Earths Mythical Islands BBC2
10.00pm Carpool Karaoke Sky1 - Special from James Corden's chat show featuring the best of his popular Carpool Karaoke segments.
8.00pm My Dolphin and Me Sky1 - Californian free diver Dean Bernal presents the incredible story of his special bond with a wild bottlenose dolphin known to the locals of Turks and Caicos as JoJo.
9.00pm Containment E4 - Tense US drama exploring what happens when a mysterious and deadly epidemic breaks out in Atlanta, Georgia. A vast urban quarantine is quickly enforced, compelling those trapped on the inside to fight for their lives while local and federal officials and medical experts desperately search for a cure for the disease.
9.00pm The Refuge Camp: Our Desert Home BBC2 - What do a professional wrestler, a midwife, a baker, a wedding shop owner, one day-old twins and a teenage journalist have in common? They are all residents of a unique desert city in Jordan called Zaatari. But Zaatari is no ordinary city - it’s a refugee camp and home to some 80,000 Syrians who have fled the bombs and bullets of Syria’s civil war. What was once a temporary camp has now become a city the size of Bath.
9.00pm Don't Tell the Bride Sky1 - The BBC3 show moves to new home on Sky. First up is a couple who met on a popular online dating app.
10.00pm Clare Balding Meets... Jessica Ennis-Hill BBC2
10.00pm Friday Night Dinner Channel 4 - The award-winning comedy is back for a fourth series with brothers Adam and Jonny who return to Mum and Dad's house for a Friday night dinner of soup, chicken and crimble crumble - plus massive side-orders of wind-ups and bickering. In episode one, Dad accidentally invites someone he used to hate round for dinner - an annoying man who talks with his eyes closed. How will Dad get rid of him?

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