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Saturday, 19 November 2016

The X-Factor Chart: Movie Week

It's an X-Factor institution, every year we get a movie week and every year the contestants try to move the goalposts in order to suit themselves. The biggest example of this was back in 2009 when Jamie Archer tried to convince us all that Gummo was a thing whilst last year Reggie N Bollie performed a song from The Rugrats Movie. Whilst the usual cavalcade of Pretty Woman, Titanic and Bond were all accounted for it was Honey G who tore up the rule book and performed a mash-up of songs from those cinematic opuses The Last Days of Disco and Keith Lemon - The Movie. As always I've made myself cut through all the madness and ranked this week's six performances in order of how well I think the acts did.

1. Matt Terry - The Writing's on The Wall 

Credit where credit's due, Matt stole the show tonight with this stripped down performance of the Sam Smith Bond theme. For the first time I actually believed the words he was singing and I think he utilised all of his vocal tricks superbly. I do feel going forward Matt should be singing primarily ballads as that's where he shines the most even though he'll probably win this year's show regardless.

2. 5 After Midnight - Try a Little Tenderness 

As those who read my chart on a regular basis will know I'm a big fan of the 5AM boys and also really like the Otis Redding track they tackled. Unlike Simon I did think their vocals on the start of the song were tight however once they broke the track down it got very busy indeed. I have to say I wasn't a fan of the rapping and I don't remember their being any breakdancing in The Commitments. That being said the boys pulled it back at the end and to me they provide the best combination of vocal ability and performance value every week.

3. Saara Aalto - My Heart Will Go On 
I have to say after hearing that the Finnish songstress was going to tackle the classic Celine Dion number I thought that this would be the blow away performance of the week. However I found this quite dreary for the most part and even the final notes weren't delivered as passionately as I thought they would be. It does feel to me that Saara wasn't in the right mood for this song this particular week and I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up in the bottom two this week.

4. Emily Middlemas - It Must've Been Love 

Those of us anticipating Emily dancing for the first time were disappointed when it was announced that she'd be doing yet another flipping ballad. At least Roxette's Pretty Woman track is a proper good old fashioned power ballad however Emily managed to remove all the power from it. I do feel like Emily has plateaued in the contest and we need a spectacular turn from her next week if she does indeed survive tomorrow night's vote.

5. Honey G - It's Like That/Gettin' Jiggy With It 

I'm not quite sure why Honey G has chosen songs that have very loose links with movies especially seeing as Will Smith has released a plethora of movie themes over the years. That being said I did appreciate her performance this week for not going into ad lib and actually nailing some pretty decent dance moves. At the same time people have to realise that if we vote Honey G in this week then we've got her twice next week and I don't think anybody can cope with that much 'rapping' on the one show.

6. Ryan Lawrie - Jailhouse Rock 
Poor old Ryan has been put on near the start again as it really feels like the producers are eyeing him as the next to be eliminated. In my opinion Ryan's voice just isn't strong enough to tackle Elvis Presely and he still lacks any semblance of stage presence. I'm just hoping he doesn't pick up the sympathy vote after being in the sing-off last week as judging by tonight's performance is definitely Ryan's time to leave.

Do you agree with my list? Please let me know via the comments below or on Twitter @mattstvbtes and I'll be back next week when hopefully the jukebox will land on the mysterious 'Louis Loves 'theme.


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