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Saturday, 5 November 2016

X-Factor Chart: Boyband and Girl Group Week

This year's X-Factor has been very strange indeed. For some reason the public seem to think that they can vote to save the underwhelming and comedic acts every week rather than the acts with real talent. That's the only explanation for the departures of both Relley and Gifty who in my opinion both brought a lot more to the show than the majority of the competitors who performed tonight. But we must soldier on and once again I bring you my run down of the highs and lows of Boyband and Girl Group week.

1. 5 After Midnight - Say You'll Be There

On the whole I found tonight's episode of The X-Factor a bit on the bland side that was until the last performance. 5 After Midnight's funky version of the Spice Girls hit put them back on track after a couple of weeks of dance-heavy performances. Vocally I found this to be their best performance to date and generally I felt this was the only turn of the night that really made me sit up and pay attention.

2. Emily Middlemas - What Makes You Beautiful

The curse of the John Lewis Christmas advert strikes again as Emily's version of the One Direction hit was dangerously close to the soundtrack to a festive commercial. Whilst I wasn't sure about the butterfly screensaver backdrop, I felt this version of the song perfectly suited Emily's vocals even though it wasn't as moving as her showing last week.

3. Four of Diamonds - Hold On 

I'm torn on Four of Diamonds however I think Dermot's assertion was right that they're at their best when they're just sitting down and singing. Although their harmonies still need a bit of work I liked this country version of the classic Wilson Phillips power ballad and hope that enough other people felt the same for the quartet not to end up in the bottom three for the third week in a row.

4. Matt Terry - I'm Your Man 

Whilst Matt is arguably one of the most vocally gifted contestants this year and is most likely going to win I felt he was on autopilot a bit this week. Although the Wham! hit gave him a chance to flex his cheeky chappy persona I was never blown away by his vocal and think he needs to come back stronger next week.

5. Saara Aalto - Sound of the Underground 
Saara is always a hard one to place due to her insistence on playing the bizarre Eurovision card which has done her well up to now. I personally didn't think that the song worked as well for her this week and that the stage production didn't really marry up with the lyrics she was singing. That being said Saara is still a powerful vocalist and she demonstrated this several times throughout the performance.

6. Honey G - Jump 
Honey G actually stepped up her game this week and her cover of the Kris Kross hit was actually entertaining in some respects. That being said her act is feeling increasingly tired and there's only so many times you can see the same thing before you start to get bored of it.

7. Sam Lavery - I'll Stand By You

Sam seems like a lovely girl in the pre-performance segments but I personally have never warmed to her as a vocalist. I do feel the problem is that her voice isn't powerful enough for the ballads she's been handed thus far and there was very little passion in her delivery either. I would actually like to see how she handles a contemporary number because I feel she's being ill-served by the likes of Bonnie Tyler and The Pretenders.

8. Ryan Lawrie - Twist and Shout 
I do feel bad about putting Ryan at the bottom every week, especially below Honey G, but I'd honestly rather watch a test card for three minutes than see Ryan murder another classic song. I'm not sure what Ryan would rather be singing but he certainly didn't bring an ounce of enthusiasm to a track that needs to be oozing with it. However I have no doubt that the teen girl fanbase will save him from the sing-off once again and another more talented competitor will leave once again.

That's your lot for now, remember to follow me on Twitter @mattstvbites and I'll see you next time.


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