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Monday, 9 January 2017

Mrs. Brown given new show by BBC One

Brace yourself folks the BBC have given Mrs Brown her own show for Saturday night entertainment show. I know it's hard not groan but Brendan O'Carroll's creation is hugely popular. Not that we understand it. I don't suppose given the ratings the sitcom gets you can blame the BBC for giving O'Carroll and the rest of his family a shot at Saturday primetime.

It's All Round to Mrs. Brown's sees Agnes open the door of her very familiar family home, as mammy makes mischief with celebrity guests, surprise audience shenanigans and outrageous stunts, all in front of a live studio audience… what could possibly go wrong?!

Brendan O’Carroll says: "The entire cast is excited by this. I think Agnes may be worried that she'll need a bigger kettle to make tea for everyone that's coming round!"

Charlotte Moore, Director of BBC Content says: “Bringing one of our biggest comedy stars Mrs Brown to Saturday nights in 2017 with a new entertainment show is going to be full of fun and mischief and totally unpredictable, I can’t wait!”

Kate Phillips, Controller Entertainment Commissioning says: "We all agree it's high time some of our bravest celebrities experienced a slice of the world according to Agnes and I can't think of a finer or funnier format to do this in.”

Brendan added: "I have been waiting some time to work with Dan Baldwin and Hungry Bear. It is so exciting now to team up for this. Similarly one of the things that everyone at BocPix enjoys about working with the BBC is that we are always given the encouragement to explore new ideas - like we did with the live episode of Mrs. Browns Boys in July.”

It’s All Round to Mrs Brown’s is expected later in 2017

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